Type 2 Diabetes – Pistachios Key in Insulin Sensitivity

Pistachios, the 'green nuts,' have been known to benefit blood sugar levels by increasing the body's response to insulin, making them a healthy choice for people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. But recent research has shown even greater benefit to these sweet nuts: they also increase the body's feeling of satiety or fullness, when taken with a meal.

Study. The University of Toronto conducted a study examining the role pistachios play when incorporated into a meal. As recommended for diabetics, adding a small amount of healthy fats to a meal helps to slow the digestion process and stabilize blood sugar levels. So it may seem obvious that pistachios, a source of healthy fats, would do just that. But what the study reflected is a property unique to pistachio nuts … these nuts also have a strong beneficial impact on serum glucose, insulin sensitivity, and gut satiety hormone activity.

When ate with a meal, pistachios have a particularly strong ability to lower blood sugar peaks and post-meal hunger cravings – so Type 2 diabetics have good reason to add them to their regular meals.

Yet there's even more reason to incorporate pistachios into your diet. Their green color, unique to them above other nuts, reflects the level of antioxidants inside their sweet flesh – the same antioxidants found in other green foods like leafy greens. And it happens to be a potent, powerful antioxidant worth mentioning. That rich antioxidant makeup of pistachios has been shown to lower stress levels in individuals and increase heart health. It works by lowering LDL (the bad) cholesterol, reducing blood lipids, and reducing inflammation. Living with type 2 diabetes, one should always take extra precautions to protect long-term hearth health, and pistachios can play a large role in taking that step.

To get the benefits of these green nuts, you need not eat cupfuls of them – in fact, doing so would be an overkill of something good. Moderation, always moderation. A healthy serving of nuts is just a few tablespoons a day – and it's best to eat them with your meals to get the benefits of blood sugar regulation.

Pistachios pair especially well with …

  • cheeses,
  • fruits,
  • dark chocolate, and
  • greens.

They can accentuate savory dishes by giving a hint of saltiness but they also heighten sweets and desserts with their natural sweet, smoky flavor. They are wonderful sprinkled on fresh salads, minced and used in a breading for grilled fish or chicken, and spooned into a fruit dip or yogurt parfait.


Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

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