Contact Lens Wear Is A Possibility If You Have Dry Eyes!

Are Contact Lenses Suitable For Dry Eyes?

Contact lenses can be a terrifying situation for populace with dry eyes. In a vivid eye, a slender layer of tears at all times forms under an eye lens. If this layer dries out, the lens starts rubbing out. Is this the predictable price you have to pay for the expediency of eye lenses, or is there a better option?

Reasons behind Dry Eyes:

There are more than a few causes for eye dryness. First of all, some people simply produce fewer tears than others, or their chemical composition of their tears is not adequate. The quantity of tears formed us decrees with time as the age increases. An additional reason for dry eyes is environmental – if you work in an impassioned or air-conditioned room, of if you are unmarked to smoke, dust or wind, your eyes will feel dry. Dry eyes are also a problem for most computer users. People tend to blink less when working on the computer and blinking is adjustable for wetting your eyes.

Contact lenses are manufactured from one of two types of polymeric materials. Soft contact lenses are made from hydrophilic plastics that contain water. Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses are manufactured from polymeric materials that do not contain any water all. Soft lenses and dry eye the new polymers used in these contact lenses help to keep it moist.

Type of Contact Lenses Suitable For Your Dry Eyes:

Soft lenses for dry eyes have a water content of between thirty and seventy five percent. When the air that the eye lens is uncoformed to becomes dry, it causes the lens to dehydrate. The lens then endeavor to dehydrate itself by drawing dampness from the eye. Long-term lens wearers may have a different reason for dry eye. The prolonged rubbing of the lens across the eyes surface will gradually wear away at the surface of the eye and the fine structures that protect the cornea. As these minute hair-like structures wear away irritation occurs and the eye becomes dry. On the other hand material of RGP lenses that these lenses are made of is hydrophobic, which means it repels water. This will eventually lead to dry eyes. The rigid nature of the lenses leads to greater surface chaffing and this in turn makes the condition worse.

Simple And Effective Steps To Avoid Dry Eyes:

To avoid dry eyes and to look after your eyes with eye lenses you have to follow a few simple and effective guidelines. These are: Keep yourself hydrated. Do not wait to drink water till you get dehydrated. You are likely to get thirsty a after being dehydrated for a while. So, drink water at regular intervals through the day. Also, drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. Reduce your time in hot or blustery environments. These circumstances are likely the symptoms. Wash your eyes. Often times, when you put your lenses in the morning, you do not take them out till you sleep at night. This prolonged wear should be avoided. Take out contact lenses on a standard basis and wash your eyes. Artificial tears / Eye drops. One other way is to use artificial tears or eye drops that simulate the lubricating and hydrating action of natural tears.


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