Easy Healthy Desserts - 5 Simple Recipes Which Are Fruit Filledproof and Delicious

Easy Healthy Desserts – 5 Simple Recipes Which Are Fruit Filledproof and Delicious

The following desserts are light, taste delicious, and contain enough fruit to soothe your conscience. Each takes minimal preparation time and three require no cooking at all.

1. Fruit dipped in chocolate Put a little pan of water on to boil and put a bowl over it so that the steam warms the underside of the bowl. Melt the chocolate in the bowl and dip the fruit half in. Strawberries work well and other fruit too (ok, not watermelon). Drizzle a little melted white chocolate over the strawberries in swirls for a slightly snazzier look of white chocolate on dark chocolate. Or you could also dip the chocolate covered strawberry in crushed nuts. Serve on a large platter.

2. Baked peaches with optional amaretto liqueur Slice each peach in two and take the stone out. Lay the halves on a baking dish. Drizzle golden syrup where the stone would have been and over the exposed flesh of the fruit. Put the peach halves under the grill and let them bake. Be careful they do not blister. When the syrup is bubbling and the peach flesh is soft, pour a couple of teaspoons of amaretto liqueur over each half, if desired. Serve immediately with marscarpone.

3. Fruit meringue nests Buy some small meringue rounds (or you can make them ..). Also buy kiwis, pineapple or mango and chop into pieces, although the recipe will work with most fruit – try passion fruit which is great. Whip up some cream. Either make a one level nest or layer the ingredients. The first layer is meringue, the second is cream and the third is fruit. Repeat so that you end up with a large fruity topping.

4. Brandy snap baskets Buy some of these (make them if you must …) and source some excellent ice-cream made according to traditional recipes – Italians are brilliant at this. Nutty flavors work well as do vanilla, chocolate or a scoop of each. Fill the baskets with ice-cream and add fruit such as berries. Bash or blend some raspberries together into a sauce and pour a little over the top. Black currants or blueberries are alternative sauce options.

5. Greek yoghurt with honey, dried apricots and pistachio. Put some Greek yoghurt in a bowl or glass. Spoon in some honey. Halve the dried apricots and add to each bowl. Add pistachio nuts. If you are missing a very sweet fix, get some dark chocolates to serve with coffee.


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