A Taste of Ice Cream History

A Taste of Ice Cream History

It is widely believed that history of ice cream started in China around 200 BC from a mixture of frozen milk and rice. Several years later, King Tang of Shang ordered the creation of a frozen dish from buffalo milk, flour, and camphor.

The ancient Persians where among the first ones to master the art of storing ice in large containers called yakhcals. Yakhcals are naturally cooled containers where the Persians store the ice that they collect during the winter season. The ice that they store is combined with fruits, saffron, and other flavors that results to a mixture called faloodeh, which is widely made in Iran today.

Milk became one of the major elements that changed the history. The Arabs were the first ones to use milk as a major ingredient in production.

Since it is said to have started in China, it is believed to be a royal secret of the emperors. However, when Marco Polo came to China, he was told to have been able to take home the recipe of ice cream making to Italy according to the beliefs but there was not much basis for this. In Italy, making it wave birth to Gelato, which is among the most famous and revolutionary form of dessert in the world.

It was the marriage of Catherine de 'Medici of Italy and the duc d'Orleans that introduced ice cream in France. This in turn directed to the creation of the sherbet ice cream or sorbet which is fruit flavored with a combination of liqueur, wine, and chocolate. The difference from the regular form is that it may be non-fat or low fat that gives a more viable alternative.

Years later, it took different forms and had become one of the greatest treasures in the world. In the 20th century, this treat took great changes and its availability in the market has been greatly increased. In the USA, ice cream becomes a popular alternative to alcohol during the American Prohibition.

Today, it is one of the most ordered and highly consumed desserts in the world. It has come a long way from its earliest form and has been changing ever since. Countries all over the world have tried to make their own version out of it. From being a top royal secret to becoming a public favorite, the history of ice cream has taken turns that contributed to its worldwide success.


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