Edible Nuts and Seeds

Edible Nuts and Seeds

Most of us are generally aware of theible nuts and seeds and one of the main amongst them are pine nuts. They are generally famous all through the world and that too mainly in Europe, Asia and North America. Lets see the importance and as well as the disadvantages of these nuts.

They are typically edible seeds that come from the pinecones, measuring about half an inch in a pine tree. These pine nuts are mainly used for cooking purpose to add more taste and a little crunch to the food. The very famous of these seeds that are available in the market are the Mexican pine, the Colorado pine, the Chinese nut pine and the Italian pine pine.

Normally, these trees takes around 15 to 25 years to produce the seeds and the nuts. Since pine nuts are used all around the world, people address it by different names. And the most popular name is Pesto. These Pestos are normally used in the salads to add more taste and crunchiness to the food. Salad lovers always use Pestos to add more taste and most of the hotel chefs use them for making various dishes. Due to the time taken in production and as well the risk factors involved in the cultivation, they are always sold in a higher price in the market.

They should be stored in a proper condition, Otherwise they turn quickly rancid due to the high oil content. Always try to buy fresh pine nuts, as the older nuts will not be suitable for cooking. They are also called as Indian nuts, Pignoli, Pinon and Pignolia. The famous Indian nut recipes are black walnut pesto, Christmas Eve special squid, Classic pesto, Pasta with Pestos, Wild rice pilaf, Fruity rice stuffed clams, pine nut and suned dried tomato pasta.


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