How to Implement The Paleo Diet Meal Plan

How to Implement The Paleo Diet Meal Plan

Many people have changed to a new way of eating by following the Paleo Diet Plan and say they feel so much healthier because of it.

The basis of this diet is simply to follow, as close as is possible, what our Paleolithic ancestors may have ateen, which is food in a pure and natural form. Most food we find today in our market places is contaminated with chemicals and toxins from growing and shipping.

Cavemen would have eaten what was in their close environment and hunted nearby. Their food was not sprayed and their soils were not fertilized with chemicals. Their food sources were actually uncontaminated.

Many people today eat food that is processed and do not reapp the benefits that come with eating the healthiest foods found directly in nature.

Diets changed dramatically when agriculture was introduced some ten thousand years ago.

Gluten and dairy foods are not part of the Paleo plan.

With the planting of seed, people started to eat foods that were altered in some way and their health was also altered. The introduction of foods from out of their immediate environment and foods like dairy and gluten grains changed their health status.

The basis of the Paleo diet is lean, natural meat and fish, nutrient rich vegetables, fresh fruits, seeds and nuts. Processed and packaged foods are out!

Another rich protein source used is eggs from free-range, organically fed chickens. The ones gathered from your own back yard chicken coop would be the best ever, knowing that this food source is free from antibiotics, hormones and other contaminants!

Organic, vegetables grown in mineralized soil play an important role in the Paleo diet and they are eaten in abundance. Fresh fruits are also included but taken with a little more caution if they are high in fructose, avoiding dramatic volatuations in blood sugar levels or influencing excess weight gain.

Move toward eating lots of greens, especially the organic, wild greens that are safe to eat and can be found near your own backyard. Organic dandelion greens are high in fiber and a fun addition to your salads as are fiddleheads which you can collect in the spring. You can even add some edible flowers. Be creative and make it fun. Research wild edible plants found in your area.

Adding leafy greens to your nutritious morning smoothies makes your own "greens". Be careful not to add too much otherwise your concoction will be on the bitter side.

No dairy, no gluten, no sugar.

When implementing this particular diet and meal plan, be sure to get rid of all junk food in your home. This makes it a lot easier to successfully stay on track while increasing your new diet with the old and to reach your goals.

High in fiber and water content makes watermelon a good choice and it creates fullness without feeling the 'heavy' feeling.

Get rid of processed sugars and all foods that contain them.

Sugar plays a major role in obesity and puts your health at risk. Science has proven there are many health problems and diseases linked to processed sugars.

Replace gluten grains with alternatives. A variety of alternative choices abound in the marketplace today. Get rid of wheat. This means eating no foods that contain it like pizza, pasta, whole wheat bread, cookies and alcohol.

After beginning to eat the Paleo way, you will soon notice that you do not even want to look at packaged, processed foods. You simply stop craving them.

You'll have noticed that this is not a limiting meal plan with so much to choose from, making the implementation of your new diet easy. Preparing meals in this new way can go far in helping to build a healthy, strong, lean body as opposed to one that is obese and susceptible to disease.

The Paleo diet plan and its lifestyle is a wise choice for building health and potentially sustaining a long, disease-free life.


Source by Loren Grove

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