How to Make Soft, Chewy Cookies in 5 Simple Steps

How to Make Soft, Chewy Cookies in 5 Simple Steps

"Why are not my cookies soft and chewy?" is a question I hear often. When you prefer soft and chewy cookies, it can be disappointing when they turn out hard and crispy.

Here are 5 simple steps you can take to make sure your homemade cookies turn out soft and chewy every time:

1. Pay close attention to baking time. Cookies are small and bake quickly so just an extra minute in the oven can take your cookies from soft and chewy to crispy. Cookies also continue to cook once removed from the oven (from heat left in the cookies and on the baking sheet.) Be sure to pull your baking sheet of cookies from the oven when they are just light golden around the edges, but still soft appearing on top. Let them cool for several minutes on the baking sheet and then transfer them to a wire rack to cool completely.

2. Measure flour carefully. Cookies with too much flour can turn out hard. Be sure to measure your flour accurately. It settles in the bag / canister so should be fluffed up with a spoon or whisk before you measure it. Do not pack flour into the cup. Gently scoop it or spoon it into the measuring cup and then level off the extra flour by sliding the flat side of a knife or spatula across the cup.

3. Consider your sweetener. The type of sugar or sweetener will make a big difference in the texture of your cookies. Cookies made with white sugar will be crispier and crunchier while cookies that contain brown sugar, molasses, honey, or a little bit of corn syrup will tend to be chewier. If you like chewy cookies, make sure you use a recipe with one of these sweeteners.

4. Chill the dough. Warm, soft cookie dough will spread more while baking resulting in flatter, crisper cookies. For thicker, chewier cookies, be sure to chill your dough in the refrigerator thoroughly before using it to bake your cookies.

5. Store Properly. Proper storage is important for maintaining a cookie's chewy texture. Soft chewy cookies must be stored in an airtight container once they are cool. Do not store them before they are completely cool or they will turn sticky and soggy. Yuck. Place a slice of bread or piece of apple with your cookies to keep them soft. The cookies will absorb the moisture from the bread / apple so they stay softer longer.

There you have it – softer, chewier cookies in just 5 simple steps.


Source by Martha McKinnon

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