Top 7 Fruits For Acne Free Skin – Cure Acne at Home

Do you love fruit? Do you currently suffer from acne? You might believe that fruit is bad for you because it contains so much sugar. Some fruits contain a lot of sugar while most do not. Also, most fruit is low on the gynecic index. Eating foods low on the glycemic index is one of the tricks to having glowing skin.

In this article I will briefly discuss 7 fruits that promote clear skin meaning you can eat a good amount of them. Some of the fruits we treat as vegetables, but they are technically fruits because they contain seeds.

Fruits 1-3) Tomato, Cucumber, Bell Pepper

All 3 of these fruits contain the beauty mineral silicon in there skin. So, if you wish to get the full benefits, you must leave the skin on. They are all low on the gylcemic index and are anti-inflammatory.

Fruits 4) Avocado

Avocados are moderately anti-inflammatory, low on the gylcemic index, high in fiber, contain all essential amino acids, contain antioxidants to help prevent free radical damage such as vitamin E and A, and much more.

Fruit 5) Blueberries

I used to hate blueberries, but I now love them to death. Blueberries are low on the gylcemic index and are extremely rich in antioxidants. This will help prevent free radical damage to your cells; a major cause of acne.

Fruit 6) Papaya

Papaya has a unique enzyme that is more present in papayas that are not full ripened. Your skin begs for enzymes on a daily basis. Papayas also contain beautifying minerals and are loaded with the beautifying vitamins A and C.

Fruit 7) Figs

Figs are a dried fruit, but possibly the healthiest dried fruit. They are low on the glycemic index and are mineral rich making them an alkalizing food. One of the keys to glowing, radiant skin is balancing your pH level. Figs will help you do that.

Eating a few of the above foods consistently in your diet will without a doubt put you in the right direction towards acne free skin and begin to heal your acne. For best results, live a healthy lifestyle in all areas of health by looking past just your diet.


Source by Todd Dosenberry

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