Make a Black Widow Spider Cake

Make a Black Widow Spider Cake


Cake Mix or Recipe of your choice

One Container of Chocolate or Fudge Frosting

4 serving Package of Green or Red Gelatin

Two 8 inch Round Cake Pans

Blue Food Coloring

2 Green Gumdrops or "eyeball" bubblegum

4 sticks of black licorice, cut in half

Red hots candies

Red frosting for black widow spider (optional)


Bake the cake as directed on the package or recipe. Cool completely. (See our Cake Baking Tips page for more info. On preparing and frosting a cake.)

Prepare the gelatin according to package directions and let it soft-set. Stir occasionally to ensure it stays in small lumpy pieces.

Cover a cookie sheet or sturdy cardboard with foil for your cake board. Make sure it is large enough to hold both cake layers side by side.

Cut one of the cake layers in half using a sharp knife or dental floss. Place one half layer on one side of the cake board.

Next, cut a round center piece out of the other cake layer. Set aside. Place the remaining 1 1 / 2-2 inch thick ring on top of the first half cake layer. Fill the hole in with the gelatin, as much as it will hold without overflowing.

Place the second cake on top, frosting layers to hold it in place.

Take the round center piece that you set aside and trim a small crescent shape out of one side, just enough to help it fit tightly against the other cake to make the spider's head.

Make black frosting by adding blue food coloring to the chocolate or fudge frosting until you have the desired shade.

Frost the entire cake with the black frosting, including the spider's head.

Add green gumdrops or "eyeball" bubblegum for eyes. Surround with red hots to make even more spider eyes. Stick the licorice legs into the sides of the spider's body.

If you want to make your spider a black widow, pipe a figure 8 onto its back with red frosting.

Kids love this cake because when you cut into it, the green (or red) "guts" spill out!

Variation: While the "spill-out" effect probably will not be as dramatic, try pudding instead of jello as the cake filling. Pistachio pudding will give a nice green color, and may go better with chocolate cake. For a neon green yellow color, mix lemon or banana pudding with a drop or two of green food coloring.


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