Peanut the Playful Puppy

Peanut the Playful Puppy

Bring Home Peanut The Playful Puppy This Christmas. Most people who have children have probably been made to realize that the Christmas holiday is once again tugging at the wallet and purse. Kids are quick to clasp on to fads and trends, especially when it comes to toys. So, in these financially difficult times, it would make sense to seek out gifts that not only have long-lasting appeal, but are also economically feasible. Peanut The Playful Puppy cuddles up nicely to your kids and your pocketbook.

Peanut is on the Toy Retailers Association's official UK list of top toys Christmas 2009. It is a gold-colored, plush-coated puppy that is playful and sweet. The precious little puppy will love it when the child who receives it hugs, pets and feeds it. In fact, Peanut is an interactive puppy toy that will become more and more playful the more it is played with by the child.

Through the power of four C batteries, which are included in the package, Peanut The Playful Puppy can lift up its ears when its head is stroked, wag its tail when it's happy, move its head and make true-to-life dog sounds and movements.

At 39 x 21 x 31 cm and 1.8 Kg, Peanut is the perfect size for snuggling. The puppy comes sporting a hot pink collar with a medallion and lined with hearts colored blue. It brings along its own plastic chewing bone. Peanut loves to make noise when it chomps down on this bone.

Sure to be on the list of most animal loving children, furry, friendly Peanut will rank as one of the top toys Christmas 2009. So, adults are highly encouraged to hop onto the Internet for retailers who stock Peanut or auction sites like eBay and pick one up before they are all sold out. They will disappear as fast as a greyhound after a rabbit.

People who have children in their family who are considering getting a real puppy will enjoy an intuitive and practical use for Peanut The Playful Puppy. Because it is such an interactive toy, it can show the child some of what it takes to take care for a dog.

Peanut is made for children aged three years and up. It is the ideal present for any little boy or little girl who loves to snuggle, cuddle and take care of animals. Adorable, soft and full of battery-powered life, Peanut The Playful Puppy will make its new owners so happy, they will want to wag their tail, if they had one.


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