Weight Loss Benefits of Organic Dried Fruit - Good Snacks For Your Body

Weight Loss Benefits of Organic Dried Fruit – Good Snacks For Your Body

The amazing benefits of eating fruits are widely known. Especially when the fruit is organic, eating fruit can do almost anything from lower the risk of cancer to helping with weight loss. Particularly when the fruit is nutrient dense, it sends a strong signal to the body that it is properly nourished. In a properly nourished body, leptin hormone turns off the urge to eat.

Studies have shown that organic dried fruit has the following benefits:

1. Increases energy level for activity and exercises
2. Reduces blood pressure because of positive sodium to potassium ratio
3. Lowers the risks of cardiovascular diseases
4. Keeps cancer away
5. Improves the HDL cholesterol level
6. Helps prevent diabetes
7. Delays the aging process

Organic dried fruit offers luscious flavors and sweetness that satisfies the sweet cravings. The drying process of fruit expels most of the water rendering the dried fruit more concentrated especially its nutrients. For instance, the antioxidant power of dried blueberries can be four times higher than fresh blueberries. Dried and organic fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, even vital enzymes, and polyphenols.

A February 2009 issue of the British Journal Nutrition stated that a study conducted to find the impact of eating dried plum concluded that its consumption slows the progress of atherosclerosis, the condition in which waxy plaque is accumulated in the blood vessels. The slowed progress of atherosclerosis also results in slowed progress of cardiovascular diseases and may even reverse the accumulation of plaque in veins and arteries.

Another study was published on August 2008 issue of Cancer Research. The publication revealed that eating dried black raspberries precludes the progress of cancer by restoring the carcinogen-altered and damaged genes into their normal state.

The following selections are among the highly recommended organic dried fruits for consumption as part of meals or as snacks:

1. Raisins – that are treated grapes, which bring benefits such as protection from gum disease and cavities, osteoporosis and macular degeneration. Raisins are also beneficial to the eyes.
2. Dried Apricots – its benefits include prevention of cataract formation, constipation and digestive conditions
3. Cherries – dried organic fruit like cherries make ideal snacks that benefit the body and health especially heart disease prevention and cancer prevention
4. Cranberries
5. Apples

The next time you crave for something sweet, why not have any of the organic dried fruit as snacks and benefit your body in more ways than you probably know.


Source by Harold McDaniels

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