Eating Iron Rich Fruits to Prevent Iron Deficiency Anemia

Eating Iron Rich Fruits to Prevent Iron Deficiency Anemia

Having a diet that includes plenty of iron rich fruits, such as served apricots, prunes, or sun-dried tomatoes, is a great way of avoiding symptoms of anemia. By some accounts, iron deficiency anemia can affect as many as 30 percent of the world population, with women being effected the most. Much of this may be owed to menstruation, as shedding blood is one of the more significant ways of losing iron. Although anemia is most commonly felt as fatigue or weakness, the fact that it indicates a lack of iron should be of some concern. Iron is responsible for transporting oxygen to the organs and tissues. In several cases of iron deficiency, a person can actually suffer from organ failure.

Eating iron rich fruit, however, is part of an overall strategy to nip this in the bud. Just one serving of sun-dried tomatoes will give you 27 percent of your recommended daily iron intake. A cup of dried apricots taken through the day will give you as much as 42 percent of your recommended take.

It's true that fruit is not the most iron rich foods, but for vegans, it may be a critical factor, lessening the need for iron supplements. In addition, trying to incorporate iron rich fruits will ensure that you are eating the recommended servings of fruit.

Of course, a dual approach of fruits and vegetables can make sure that you are eating a more balanced diet while giving your body what it needs to keep oxygen moving to your organs and tissues. A single serving of cooked spinach, for instance, provides about 20 percent of your recommended intake.

With anemia effecting as many as 1 in 5 women, having a diet with more iron rich fruits and vegetables is a very simple step towards reversing the trend and making sure you have a more balanced diet. Plus, by seeking out more unconventional fruits and vegetables, you can add more variety to your diet. Instead of sticking with the same old dinners, consider how you could use prunes, raspberries, dried apricots, or sun-dried tomatoes in your next dish. A quick search on returned over 240 recipes each for sun-dried tomatoes and dried apricots. Perhaps you could experiment yourself and find new food combinations that you'll love.

It's a simple way of adding some creativity to the kitchen that is all at once healthy, interesting, and appetizing!


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