A Balanced Diet is Best

A Balanced Diet is Best

I think it's amazing how some people who struggle with excess weight can not grasp the concept of a balanced diet. I'm not being sexist here but I work with a bunch of women who go out of their way way to buy skimmed milk, spread their toast with zero fat spread. They dry fry everything. They would run a mile from a walnut or pistachio, and pasta drenched in Pesto sauce would scare them to death.

Fat is just as important in a diet as any other form of nutrition. It has many beneficial properties, it aids digestion, keeps you feeling full for longer. It is essential for healthy skin and intestines. These people who avoid fat like the plague are depriving them of all these beneficial qualities in the belief that all fat is the enemy and must be avoided at all costs. Tell you what; have yourself a no fat Pasta dish. Use lots of tomato, onion, spinach and any other vegetables you fancy. Enjoy this meal but keep a check on the clock to see how long before you start raiding the fridge for that lump of cheese or cream cake.

I bet it will not be long until you are back grazing again. Now make the same meal again but add loads of Pesto sauce and a competent of cheese. Your body will be totally satisfied because you have had a balanced combination of nutrients. Yes believe it; fat is a nutrient, just like everything else we need to eat. Check out pictures of older Italian folk. They are on oil, but are super slim. I say older Italians because younger one's have probably just walked out of McDonald's! I'm not knocking it, but it's not exactly balanced.

Obesity is a present day epidemic. It has been rearing its ugly head over the past thirty years or so. Certainly here in the UK there has been a dramatic increase in obesity in this time span – but why?

Way back, when I was a child, obesity was something that affected very few people; and yet the fat intake of the population was much greater than it is now. We fried everything. We all ate copious amounts of pork rind and butter, and yet never seemed to have a problem with weight. My mother was a butter-a-holic. We would always joke about how she might like a little bread with her butter; and yet she was slim and healthy. So if fat was not an issue then, why is it now?

It is true that we were less sedentary back then. Life was a lot harder then; there were far fewer gadgets and gizmos to make life easier, and so we expended more energy just to live; but I believe the main reason lies behind what and how we ate.

Meal times for our family back then would be an event. We would all gather and enjoy our meals together, even breakfast. It would be a social occasion as well as a time of replenishment. How different today. We are all guilty of it. We snatch a quick sandwich whenever we can. We guzzle down a coke while we drive. Most of our time eating is spent while we do other things; and quite often in isolation. To a large extent, the art of eating has been lost. It is quite unusual these days for a family to sit down all together at a table to enjoy a social meal. We are all far to busy, or even worse, far more interested in finishing that computer game or watching that program on the TV. We pay very little attention to the food we eat. As long as we stop feeling hungry, we are happy.

Maybe we should re think how we eat. Rather than opening a breakfast bar on the train to work, try getting up half an hour earlier and having bacon an eggs. It may be swimming in fat but I guarantee it will fill you up for hours. Incidentally new research has proven that the good old egg is the best all round and complete meal you can have for breakfast. They contain natural appetite suppressants and all the nourishment you need to tackle the day ahead. May be it's time to stop thinking about low this and low that, and just eat a balanced diet in the same way we used to.


Source by Rob Marston

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