Christmas Decorating Ideas for a Pink Tree

Christmas Decorating Ideas for a Pink Tree

Trying out a pink Christmas tree this year? Here are five ideas for decorative themes, along with advice on how to go about creating a designer look without breaking the bank.

Cupcakes and Candy

I can’t look at pink without thinking about icing and that brings me to cup cakes. There are lots of candy themed tree ideas, but most are red and white themes. To be sure your candy theme is pink, concentrate on ice cream colors for your decorations. Choose pastel pinks, lilac, vanilla, lemon and pistachio. This is a great way to use up old decorations which are past their best. Simply paint them and add some iridescent sparkle. You can buy cupcake ornaments in stores, though some of the best I found came from Etsy. You’ll also find ice cream cones and lollipops, all ideal for this theme. If you are buying online, look carefully at the size before you buy. One inch lollipops won’t show up much, especially if you have a 6 or seven foot tree.

If you can’t afford many themed ornaments, just buy a few and fill in the blanks with ribbon bows. You can usually buy a large reel of ribbon quite cheaply at this time of year. If you have a lot of white or silver Christmas ornaments, add them to your tree with those metal hooks and tie a small pink bow around them to add more pink at very low cost.

When it comes to lights, choose white for versatility or pink, but don’t go for multi-colored as the bright colors will over shadow the delicate colors of your candy scheme.

Pink and Fluffy

This is the theme I chose for my tree this year. The tree is green, but get the pink look I added pink berries and a pink garland, plus lots of fluffy birds in pink or white and a sparkling nest or two. I also added a feathered pink flamingo, just for fun. I was able to find a number of suitable creatures in my existing collection of ornaments (some butterflies for example) but I added a fluffy owl and two fluffy pigeons which I found a Pier1. They look great in my ‘pink’ theme and since they are actually white they’ll fit with lots of other schemes in future years.

Victoria Rose

Another pink theme which can look great on a green tree, this is a vintage theme. If you want to make your own ornaments, make small stuffed hearts from rose colored velvet, add a romantic pink clad angel as a tree topper, You can also add rose pink organza bows to your tree with small gold accents. Don’t ask me why, but pink and gold is vintage, while pink and silver is modern, so dig out your old gold ornaments for this theme. Butterflies, handbags and boots are all ornaments I’m seen which fit this idea, and the rose pink looks beautiful with contrasting pale green ornaments and white lights.


This is a great theme if you’ve actually bought a pink tree. Pink ornaments won’t really have much impact, so drape the tree in crystal. You can easily find garlands and large acrylic drops. You can add small bows to these and as before use your existing white, gold or silver ornaments. You can also add wired pine cones to stretch your budget, but don’t forget to add some glitter (spray is easiest) so they catch the light.

As a general rule you’ll need 15 or so ornaments per foot of tree, around 10 feet of garland and 125 lights to get a ‘designer’ look. If you’re not sure where to spend your budget, spend it on the lights. Most of the big DIY stores have sets of 100 or more LED lights at very low prices, and you can usually join them together.

If you don’t have a budget for new ornaments one option is to collect pine cones. You can decorate a whole tree for the cost of a spool of ribbon, some wire and a spray can of glitter.


Source by Jane Alexander Ogilvie

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