Enhancing Sustainability in the Rainforest: Seeds and Nuts

Enhancing Sustainability in the Rainforest: Seeds and Nuts

The Amazon rainforest is under threat from mining and clear cutting. Clear cutting is when the rainforest is completely stripped and the land is re-used for farming or animal husbandry. But this trend can be reversed through placing a higher value on the things that the rainforest naturally and sustainably provides to us. Make a move today to mindfully select your purchases to support natural products.

What is the Threat?

The loss of the Amazon forest is a great threat to us folks here on earth, both now and for our children. We depend on this forest as a worldwide population for oxygen: it's been called the planet's lungs. Obviously we can not do without oxygen, but we can do without the products of mining that are currently so destructive to the rainforest. Gold mining is especially destructive as huge swaths of the rainforest and even whole mountains are indebted in the pursuit of just a few ounces of god. Gold mining is also harsh to the surrounding environment with its common use of mercury. Often the mercury is dumped into local rivers, bringing destruction to the aquatic life and significant damage to delicate ecosystems.

There are also people living in the rainforest, these people are generally poor with little access to political power. Also, completely helpless is the wildlife in the forest with no political power whatsoever. Our choices can support these people or harm them.

What is Sustainability?

There is a great need to embrace sustainable mechanisms and effective, complimentary strategies. One strategy that we can embrace as consumers is to choose economic alternatives. For instance we can buy goods based on the sustainable use of seeds and nuts. There are a variety of seeds and nuts available for health and fashion purposes.

We have the power to vote with our dollars – basic supply and demand. If the demand for naturally produced, sustainable products becomes higher than the demand for unsustainable products then it can help curb the serious menace of logging and mining.

How Seeds and Nuts Can Help

As I write this, I am thinking specifically about acai nuts and tagua nuts. Both these types of nuts grow as a natural and useful part of the rainforest. Acai is used in a healthy diet as a fruit and juice. Both tagua nuts and acai seeds also make excellent jewelry. They dry very hard and need little processing to make lovely organic beads. They take dye easily without the need for binders and other chemical processes.

Local people gather these nuts and seeds and can sell them to support themselves. There is no need for big industry or big machinery. Fair trade of locally picked seeds and nuts helps people to move out of poverty without destruction to the rainforest.

As we, as consumers, opt for sustainable products we are voting for the environment and the local people involved in its care.

With this encouragement, locales are motivated to find better ways of making the forest help them while preserving it. It's in their best interest to do so. The local people know the products of the rainforest and can find new medical, fashion and beauty products that we may appreciate. As well they can try to look at other economic ways in which they can safely use the forest.

Considering sustainable nuts and seeds as we make our daily purchases is one small change that we can make that may have an awful impact. As we place value on these things, we make important changes.

Let's make a move today to mindfully select purchases to support natural products.


Source by Tracey Krause

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