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Specialty Nut Snacks – Your Top Five Healthiest Choices

A quick glance in the snack food aisle of your local grocer or specialty store reveals dozens of specialty nut snacks. But are they a good nutritional choice? Here are five of our top healthiest nutritional nut snacks choices. Before we begin, let's talk briefly about the health benefits of nuts. In their natural state or lightly roasted, nuts are one of the most healthy snacks around.

Almonds, macadamias, walnuts, and filberts are among the best health conscious choices. They are high in fiber and protein, so they are an excellent after workout snack. Further, they contain potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, and many essential oils. Nuts are particularly helpful for heart health and are known to promote better circulation and blood flow.

With that said, here are our five healthy specialty snack snacks:

Honey Glazed Mixed Nuts: This is a mix of almonds, cashews, filberts, and pecans. They are glazed with natural honey, which itself is one of nature's healthiest sweeteners. The mix is ​​certified kosher too.

Hawaiian Fruit And Nut Mix: A taste of the tropics, this snack is a combination of several dried fruits along with filberts and macadamia nuts. It is exceptionally low in fat, carbohydrates, sodium, and contains no cholesterol.

High Energy Mix: A perfect choice during a hike or bike ride, the high energy mix contains dried papaya, bananas, raisins, and nuts. It is high in protein and also certified kosher.

Mixed Nuts Lightly Salted: Did you know that lightly salted mixed nuts are highly nutritious? We've discussed the health benefits of nuts, but the specific benefits of Brazil nuts should be noted. They are loaded with calcium, zinc, iron, and selenium, a natural anti-oxidant known for fighting cancer.

Soy Nut Healthy Combo: A delicious mix of soy beans, cranberries, almonds, cherries, and more. It is a great high fiber, low sodium, low fat snack that leads to higher energy levels. Soy nuts are a very healthy choice by themselves. They are extremely high in protein with a fat content near zero.


If you're looking for a healthy, low fat, low sodium snack, try any of these specialty nut mixes. They are not expensive, usually running anywhere from five to eight dollars. The natural healthy qualities of nuts mixed with other ingredients like dried fruit makes for a satisfying taste treat. And is not it nice to enjoy a guilty free snack that tastes great?


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