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Exotic Mother's Day Flowers She is Bound to Love

With so many things going on in your life you may just want to take the easy way out and stop at your local Chicago florist shop and pick up the first Mother's Day flower arrangement you see. But why not get her something different this year and skip the traditional flowers such as roses or tulips. Less widely know and exotic Mother's Day flowers will be greatly appreciated and give you mother something to talk with her friends about.

An arrangement of lilies, irises, gerberas and proteas make for a brilliant display of color. Mixing and matching reds, purples, pink and yellow flower will give you an amazing look. How about a bouquet of flowers shipped in from the Pacific Rim. You can give your mother a unique Mother's Day gift that includes protea, anthurium, eucalyptus, and exotic greens. These flowers work well together and I am sure your mother would love them.

I think one of the most unique Mother's Day flowers I have seen are arrangements with the Birds of Paradise. Nothing makes one think of a warm tropical island and sitting on the beach under some palm trees than when you see this flower in a bouquet. The Birds of Paradise with its bright yellow to orange flowers, large leaves, and unique shape truly sets it apart from other flowers.

Going out of your way and getting a unique gift of Mother's Day flowers will truly make the day more memorable. With the variety of exotic flowers available and that they can be shipped to Chicago, it isn't that much more work to give your mother this special kind of arrangement. Not just any old Mother's Day flower but a unique gift she is bound to love.

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