How to Properly Eat Lobster Served Whole

How to Properly Eat Lobster Served Whole

Before you begin disassembling and enjoying your delicious lobster, make sure to thank your chef. Then look around your table setting to ensure you have the following: an extra plate for the shell of the lobster, a lobster cracker, a spatula or lobster pick, and a napkin or bowl of warm water for cleaning your fingers. The first step to devouring your lobster is to take off the claws. Pull them down and away from the body of the lobster to remove. Next, crack the shell of the claw with the lobster cracker. This will allow you to pick out all the meat with the spatula. Breaking the claw at the joint will also ease extraction of the meat.

Legs are next. You can strip off the meat in the same way as the claws with the spatula or you can use a toothpick to loosen the meat and then suck it out of the leg shell. With the lobster boy upside down, pull the shell of the tail open and pull the tail meat out in one big piece. The majority of the meat in a lobster is found in the tail and the claws so you just did most of the hard work.

Finally the body shell can be pulled open and you can use the spatula to pick out any white meat that you find. This is also where the brains and intestine are found. They are edible, but you may choose not to eat them if you wish. Squeezing lemon over the lobsters increases its flavor or you may wish to soak each piece of meat you extract in drawn butter. Any way you eat it, Maine lobster is a mouth-watering delicacy. Bon appétit


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