Serita is currently known as a reliable partner for processing and packaging of different products. with the primary goal of offering a trust-able brand for consumers whether all over the world.

All types of dates, nuts and dried fruits are produced and packed within an entirely healthy process with no chemical additives and for this reason, they bring safe, natural and great-tasting quality to the consumers. We, at Serita are all committed to make sure all tens of products we offers meet the highest standards for safety and quality.

Ensuring proper packaging is another issue that has always been at the core of our business. We truly believe that proper food packaging creates lasting impression on the shelf and in the minds of customers. It actually helps hygienic transportation and prolongs the shelf life and reduces the risk of an item spoiling. For that reason, the experts at Serita have crafted a quality, to ensure its protection from any possible damage both during transiting or sitting in the store shelves. The packages come in different sizes and shapes compatible to the customers’ needs and desires.

Our food products are nutritious, delicious and safe. Only because our activities all are under the control of international quality control organizations from harvest raw materials to clean, sort, pack, detect metal,fumigate vacuum, inspect and load in containers.

Serita Saffron (zaferan) is considered as the best kind of saffron in the worldwide.

Serita purpose is to sell the highest quality saffron in veriety packages like handicraft, Luxury or economical based on customer needs

All activities of Serita are currently focused on export to around the world.

The aim of Serita is that with the help of experienced workers, creative, application of knowledge and experience, serve various products with high nutritional value and healthy to our valuable customers.

It also has a variety of other products, including Cockrokill, Hookah Steam Stone, and Leather products.

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