Sugar Replacement – (Chopped Dates)

It’s delicious and suitable for everyone.The diced version can be also an excellent snack on its own or as a sugar replacement (chopped date) for coffee or tea. The pure natural fructose in this product makes it a healthy choice among consumers.

Chopped Date (sugar replacement) Produced from sound whole sayer dates, our chopped dates are exceptional in terms of quality being the only chopped dates product which is machine produced (without human touch), multiple laser sorted & X-ray sorted and handpicked under BRC and IFS food safety systems.
are coated with either rice flour or dextrose powder ensuring a free flow product.

The nutritional Value of Chopped Dates is like Sayer dates. At origin to a nominal size of 10*10 mm (irregular dice) and rolled in rice flour to assist in handling. Made of Sayer dates.

Taste: Sweet

Physical properties:

  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Size: 10*10 & 8*8 mm
  • Semi-Dry

Consumer Items: Bakery, Snack, Medicine, Industrial, Confectionery.

Importer countries: All over the world specially Europe, North America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand.

Area under cultivation: South of Iran

The quantity of per container 20 FCL: 17 MT, 40 FCL 28 MT.

Type of Packing : 10 kg Cartons, 5 kg, Small Pack (Under 1 kg), 250 gr, 500 gr Compressed Pack.

Shelf Life: 2 years

Storage Condition: Room Temperature, Need Fumigation each two months.

Annual production: In Iran 40000 MT