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Our experience is second to none, and we have seen huge success in many countries around the world.  The Petro-Mag® was originally designed for exhaust gas reduction nearly 15 years ago by Dr. R.O. Widmer.  It was an instant success, and it was soon realized that significant fuel savings were being reported as a “by-product” to the exhaust gas reductions.  At that time, petroleum was relatively inexpensive and the gas crisis was not as it is today, so the Petro-Mag was not marketed as a “fuel saver”.  Today, however, our times have changed, and the emphasis is now on the fuel saving aspects of this device.  We consider the Petro-Mag® to be one of the grandfathers of magnetic fuel saving devices.

By applying a magnetic field to ANY fuel before it enters a combustion chamber, we are setting all the right conditions for that fuel to achieve a more complete combustion, increasing fuel economy and efficiency and reducing harmful emissions.

With simple installation on any vehicle, gas furnace, heater, boiler, train, marine vehicle and even aircraft, you can be on your way to saving fuel AND saving the environment with this magnificent magnetic fuel saver – the Petro-Mag Magnetic Fuel Saver..

How it works:

As fuel stands, ages, expands or contracts, molecules begin to cluster. Fuel travelling through the fuel line carries these molecules and clusters with it. Large clusters trap molecules, which are concealed within the clusters and do not burn completely. Air, required for complete burning, cannot penetrate the clusters. Large clusters tend to slow in speed and gravitate toward the side of the fuel line. They attach themselves, forming unwanted deposits which, in turn may restrict the flow of fuel and inhibit overall engine performance.
Immediately, as the flow of fuel brings clusters of molecules in contact with the powerful magnetic circuitry of the Petro-Mag Fuel Activator, the clusters of molecules are abruptly broken apart. Fuel, free of clusters of molecules, burns more completely in the engine, thanks to Petro-Mag’s magnetic circuitry and its special cleaning power. Increased fuel burning means the engine runs more smoothly. There is less engine hesitation. Idle speed increases measurably. Exhaust emissions are cleaner and free of dangerous air pollutants, mileage also increases. The Petro-Mag Fuel Activator lasts for the life of the engine.


Mount the Petro-Mag fuel saver unit as close to the carburator or split off to fuel injectors as possible. It should be mounted after any in-line fuel filters. Be sure the Petro-Mag fuel saver is located at least 6″ away from any computer components to avoid any influence from the magnetic fields. Attach with 4 enclosed screws. Do not over tighten screws.

The PETRO-MAG will fit on almost ALL vehicles within minutes. Due to thousands of models of vehicles, it is obvious that every vehicle is different under the hood. The availability and accessibility of the fuel-line in YOUR vehicle should be confirmed before you purchase a Petro-Mag. The fuel line can be metal or rubber, and the Petro-Mag can be placed anywhere on the line between the tank and the engine. The closer to the engine, the better the result. As well, multiple Petro-Mags may be placed on vehicles with multiple fuel lines. If you are unsure where your fuel line is, ask your local mechanic to point it out for you. A non-qualified person can fit this device in approximately 5-10 minutes…