Prefer Natural Over Synthetically Dyed Rugs

This article helps improve your knowledge about a range of dyes used for dyeing the yarn of Persian and oriental rugs.

There are two types of dyes: Natural dyes and Synthetic dyes

Natural dyes:

Natural dyes provide beautiful colors and are produced from extracts of plants, minerals, vegetables and animals. Natural dyes are more durable and tend to support their original looks for a long time period.

Plant dyes

These are obtained from an assortment of plants are really helpful in yielding different colors.

  • The yellow color is made from black oak tree wood.
  • Orange red color is produced from the henna plant leaves.
  • The stems and leaves of indigo plant are used to get different royal shades of blue color.
  • Black color dye is made from the core of a tree named log-wood.
  • The crocus stigma from saffron plant helps in providing a beautiful shade of yellow-orange color.

Vegetable dyes

  • The turmeric plant is used to prepare the violet colored dye.
  • Turkey red color is made from the dried madder plant roots.
  • Bluish gray color is obtained by treating blackberries.

Animal Dyes

Interestingly the bodies of animals are also used to manufacture dyes of various colors. Following are few examples:

  • Cochineal insect bodies are processed to get the red colored dyes
  • The bodies of specific type of marine snails are used for getting crimson and purple shaded colors.
  • Cuttlefish secretaries are used for preparing brown colored dyes.

Mineral Dyes

  • For green color, malachite (dark green colored mineral) is used. It is basically a mixture of copper hydroxide and copper carbonate.
  • Dyes in black color are obtained from manganese which is a metallic element.
  • Red colored dyes are obtained from cinnabar. It is dark red colored mineral and has silver sulphide.
  • For blue colors, a copper mineral named azurite is used.
  • Yellow, red and brown colored nuances are obtained from limonite. It is an earth mineral oxide and a kind of iron ore.

Synthetic Dyes:

Synthetic dyes are cost effective and can help deliver a wide range of colors as compared to traditional natural ones. William Henry Perkin discovered the first organic dye named mauveine as a result of a surprising incident in 1856.

The synthetic dyes are made up of organic compounds including hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen etc. These are also called aniline dyes as the first dye was made from aniline ie coal tar. The Aniline / chrome dyes were introduced in the Persian region during the 19th century. However; these were banned due to inferior quality until the 2nd world war when improved quality dyes were available.

Natural dyes are preferred over the synthetically dyed rugs because natural dyes are very durable and their regular use in the carpet industry is very promising for its future.

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