Top List of Cakes You Can Make

There are two main types of cakes and they are butter and foam cakes.

Butter cakes – are prepared by using solid shortening or margarine but people still call them butter cakes as they are moist, light and fine textured.

Foam Cakes – contained a large number of eggs or egg whites. The light and fluffy texture of foam cakes comes from the air beat into the eggs and from the steam which forms in the batter during the baking progress. The three kinds of foam cakes are:

– Angel food cakes – has no shortening or oil and only use white eggs.
– Chiffon cakes – has oil and uses egg yolks and whites.
– Sponge cakes – has no shortening or oil and uses egg yolks and whites.

The Different sizes of cakes and the total number of serves it can accommodate:

– 8 or 9 inch layer cake is good for 12 to 16 serves.
– 8 or 9 inch square cake is good for 6 to 9 serves.
– 13 x 9 inch rectangular cake is ideal for 12 to 16 serves.
– 10 x 4 inch tube cake is good for 16 to 20 serves.
– 12 – Cup Bundt cake is ideal for 16 to 20 serves.

The different kinds of cakes you can choose to purchase or prepare to for other people such as friends and family are as follows:

– Chocolate Turtle
– Baritone Pudding
– Pudding
– Coconut
– Holiday Jam
– Strawberry Daiquiri
– Cherry Nut
– Party Cup Cakes for Kids
– Chocolate Chip
– Pineapple
– 3-Day Mound
– Easy Pound Cake
– Triple Chocolate
– Black Forest
– Ice Cream Cone Cup Cakes
– Rocky Road
– Lemon – Lime Refrigerator Sheet
– Sherry Angel Food
– Butterscotch Coffee
– Cream Cheese Pound Cake
– Crisp Cake
– Skor
– Strawberry
– Stripe-It-Rich
– Jam
– Orange Chiffon Dessert
– Pistachio
– Cake Mix Cookies
– Humming Bird
– Baby Food Loaf
– Grandmas Old Fashioned Fruit Cake

As you can see, when people are asked to make a cake, most can not think past sponge or chocolate. So, I hope you can see now that there are many varieties that you can choose from. You can either learn how to make these from searching the Internet or getting someone to make it for you.


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