Type 2 Diabetes – Will Eating Pistachio Nuts Help With Weight Loss and Lower Fasting Blood Sugar?

According to the February 2014 issue of the journal Nutrition, pistachio nuts as part of a well-planned nutritious diet could be helpful for people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Investigators at India's Diabetes Foundation and other research centers in New Delhi looked at pistachio nuts as part of the diet of patients with metabolic syndrome, a similar disorder to Type 2 diabetes. Like diabetic patients, metabolic syndrome sufferers have insulin resistance. There is considerable overlap between the two conditions.

Sixty participants with the metabolic syndrome were assigned to the pistachio group or the control group. After 24 weeks the two groups were compared. The pistachio group showed improvement in several measurements …

  • Waist circumference in the pistachio group went down. When belly fat is lowered insulin sensitivity can increase. This is because belly fat acts like a gland that helps regulate carbohydrates and fat metabolism.
  • Adiponectin levels linked with weight gain and loss, also improved.
  • Fasting blood sugars were lowered in the pistachio group, an improvement for obvious reasons.
  • Total cholesterol and low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) and blood fats went down, lowering the risk for heart and blood vessel disease in the diabetics who are pistachios.
  • Molecules indicating oxidation also went down in those consuming the nuts, showing a lowered risk for heart attacks.
  • Tumor necrosis factor was also lowered, indicating less inflammation in the patients given the nuts. Since diabetes is a disease of inflammation, lower inflammatory pollutants is helpful.

Pistachio nuts are considered mildly anti-inflammatory and one ounce adds only 1 percent to the day's glycemic load …

  • That ounce contains 18 percent of the vitamin B12 and 16 percent of the thiamin needed by the average adult per day, plus other vitamins and minerals.
  • It provides 7 percent of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for iron, as well as 3 percent of the RDA for calcium.
  • It has 73.4 mg of omega-3 fatty acids and 3818 mg of omega-6 fatty acids.

An ounce of pistachio nuts can be ateen alone as a 160 calorie snack or can be tossed onto a salad to add flavor and texture. Vegetariantime.com suggests making pistachio-crusted eggplant cutlets with tomatoes, red peppers, and garlic.

Swansonvitamins.com offers a recipe for watercress salad with pickled carpets and mixed nuts that also includes champagne vinegar, sugar (substitute), cashews, almonds, and olive oil.

Check the internet for other vegan recipes that include pistachios and ask your doctor or dietitian how to incorporate them in to a healthful diet.


Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

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