Easy Healthy Desserts - 5 Simple Recipes Which Are Fruit Filledproof and Delicious

4 Clues That Will Help You To Stay Slim

Here you will get 4 clues how you can stay slim and eat what you like.

1. Worried you drink too much coffee? Do not be. Get it from the Italians. Did you know that espresso drunken early in the morning will jump start your metabolism and make your body use its own fat reserves for energy? It is common knowledge among dieters, nowdays. So feel free to substitute your morning run with a cup of espresso – you are going to burn fat anyway!

2. Want a snack but worried about piling on the pounds? Here are some of the best ever snack ideas that include calorie-reduced fill ups:

– Celery and 1 hard-boiled egg.
– 1 medium slice of dark rye bread with a bit of low-fat cream cheese
– 1 pot of low-fat plain yogurt with 1 nectarine
– 5 discharged apricots and 5 almonds
– 1 mini pitta bread and 1table spoon of hummus
– 1 small banana and 3 Brazil nuts
– 1 apple and a 20g chunk of low-fat cheddar cheese
– Half of ripe mango and 200 gr of low-fat butter milk

3. Afraid of having sweets? Do not be. Just choose wisely.
Anytime you decide to have a sweet treat, remember that you must take a look at the energy table on your favorite chocolate bar. You will see that it is better to snack on a Milky Way rather than a Mars bar. Make it a habit to look for the lowest possible calorie and fat value and then see how big is your portion should be. Keep in mind that an active woman needs 1.800 – 2.000 calories a day and an active man around 2.000 – 2.200 calories.

4. Going out on the weekend night? Do you know how many calories are you drinking? Probably not, but here it is: a standard glass of wine equivalents 135 calories. If you have two glasses on a night out you consume almost 300 calories just in drinks! Plus, alcohol makes you hungry, so how many calories do you eat? If you have a hamburger, you add 350 calories. This is how your "stay slim" efforts can evaporate. So, what to do? Make your two large glasses of wine into spritzers instead! A wine spritzer is a combination of white or red wine, sparkling soda and ice. Making wine spritzers at home is a great way to cut calories, reduce your alcohol consumption.


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