Do Nuts Cause Cancer?

Do Nuts Cause Cancer?

Many people have started believing a rumor- that peanuts contain trans-fats because the oil in them turns into this feared substance when roasted. Does 'good' oil in nuts turn into trans-fat when roasted? Let's hope not, as this could have the death knoll for a major food substance for many.

However, it appears that the hype is unfounded. In short, no- nuts do not significantly contain trans-fat. We get most of our trans-fat from liquid vegetable oil, animal fat, and butter. The trans-fatty substance can lead to heart disease, which is why this could potentially have become a nut-lover's nightmare.

It is true that nuts are high in fat, but mostly the good kind- monounsaturated or polyunsaturated. Out of about 20 grams of this fat, comes about 1-2 grams of the heart disease-causing fat that rises cholesterol. Nuts are also high in calories and protein, making them good for a common diet.

Trans fat has been known to cause obesity, heart disease, liver dysfunction, diabetes, and more frightening-cancer. A recent ban on trans-fats is sweeping the nation, as consumers are becoming more aware of what is in their food. Restaurants and grocery stores have begun substituting the products with ones without the dreaded health risk. The world is becoming not only more knowledgeable but also healthier (or, at least, the advice is).

With these kinds of risks, rumors like these often get started about products with high oil content. Rest assured, you are safe eating peanuts. Without, of course, you are allergic to them, in which case this information will have been no use to you whatsoever.


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