Baklava - A Mediterranean Dessert

Baklava – A Mediterranean Dessert

Baklava is a fine, gourmet, Mediterranean dessert famous worldwide. Few hundred years old, this fine dessert from the Mediterranean cuisine is most popular in Turkey, the Middle East, Serbia, and has become a worldwide famous dessert.

Baklava is made of thin layers of dough filled with nuts. This is the general description. It is when one dives into the details that he discovers all the different types and nuances of this dessert made by different people. It tastes quite different from one country to the other.

In making it, about a dozen layers of dough are stacked on top of each other from each side.

In general, the phyllo dough needs to be very thin. The thinner the better and the more difficult it is to make. One of the main characteristics that differentiate one Baklava maker from the other is the thickness of the dough. At home, people use the readily made phyllo dough, but that is not very thin. People can do much better by making and kneading their own dough, if they have the time and ability to do it.

This is the main difference between that made at home and the one prepared by professionals. Preparing the filling is easy. The difficulty remains in the preparation of the dough. It is easy to underestimate the skill needed in kneading the dough very think. That's not to mention the energy and power it takes to do it.

Moreover, the nut filling is another point that differentiates one piece from the other. The most famous Baklava filling is pistachios. Walnuts come in the second place. In the Middle East, the pine nuts and cashews filled version is also quite popular. Most sweets that can be found in supermarkets and grocery stores is filled with walnuts, but that's just because cheaper than pistachios. The pistachios filled version is considered to be the richest and the best all all varieties.

The filling is usually lightly mixed with sugar. However, the taste of the nuts should dominate. The sugar is added in very small quantities just to make it a little sweeter. It is a sweet pastry after all.

It is sweet, but it should not be extremely sweet. Sugar syrup should be added to it in moderation or in such quantities as to give it a sweet taste but keep the nuts and pastry tastes dominant.

Worldwide, this pastry is most famous in Turkey, but that's the original type. In the Middle East, the pastries collectively known as assorted Baklava are more famous that the original and authentic type. These pastries are made of the same dough that Baklava is made of, but they take many different shapes and fillings.

Nationals from Turkey and the Middle East have introduced it to the rest of the world, and many countries have embroidered it. The original type is the most widespread nowdays, but the other types making the assorted collection are amassing fans too.

In summary, Baklava is a sweet Mediterranean dessert most famous in Turkey and the Middle East region, and whose popularity is growing worldwide.


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