Ethnic Cuisine

Ethnic cookery is people of common, national or cultural tradition, also different styles of cooking. Religion also influences what people eat. There are many kinds of cookery and religions.

Muslims- are forbidden to eat pork or alcohol. They are only allowed to eat meat prepare by a halal butcher (halal means permitted or legal. It is food that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines).

Hindu – most Hindus eat meat but none eat beef. Because they believe that the cow is sacred (halal meat) Sikhs and Buddhist- are strict vegetarians.

Jews- do not use milk and meat together in cooking they only eat kosher meat. (Kosher meat particularly slaughtered) -3hrs must pass between the use of milk and meat).

Asian – Middle Eastern / far eastern makes use of herbs and spices in cookery.

Chinese cuisine – is one of the most popular foods around, the Chinese believe its important to find balance and harmony in every aspect of life including food. The main four styles of cooking are …

1. Peking- Noodles, Steam dumplings pancakes (duck meat deep fried)

2. Canton- rice is mostly used

3. Shanghai – more robust style of cooking

Szechwan – needs a lot of flour / oil garlic and ginger hot spiciness and chillies.

Greek – use fresh ingredients, well flavored with herbs and a hint of spiciness, stewed, roasted or grilled with the use of olive oil, yogurt and lemon juice to enhance the flavors.

Indian – India and Pakistan use what is called Mogul Style of cooking (related to the Shah -title of the Iranian king)

Shah – were healthy, hearty, meat eaters who use wheat more than rice, Tandoori cooking is also used. (Tandoori is marinated meat cook over an intense heat. It is either red or yellow, the red from annatto seeds and the yellow from saffron depending on the marinate you used.

Mexican cooking – a style of food that has a Spanish or Middle Eastern influence.

Mexican cuisine is known for its varied flavors, colorful decoration, and variety of spices and ingredients, many of which are native to the country. They use most corn.

Caribbean cuisine varies from island to island depending on where you are: you can get a bit of Indian, Spanish, British, Dutch, Amerindian or French.

Barbados -Flying and coucou Trinidad – Callalou Jamaica – Ackee and salt fish Dominica – Mountain chicken St Lucia – Green pigs and salt fish pie Antigua – Pepper pot Grenada– Oil down. These are a few of the Caribbean national dishes.


Source by Angela O Ellis

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