Best Ice Cream Shops in New York City

Best Ice Cream Shops in New York City

Nobody says no to ice cream! That's is a universal fact. New York City is one place full of colorful and fabulous ice creams. Ever since in 1776 New York City is providing world-class with flavors from Soprano Spumoni, Crème Brule to a Wasabi, Honey Lavender, Tarragon with pink pepper and million other flavors.

One of the most exciting things to do in New York City is to eating an cone and wandering around. Some of the fantastic parlors scattered all around the place include Australian Homemade, Il Laboratorio del Gelato, Gelatone, La Maison du Chocolate, Ciao Bella Cafe, Custard Beach and Emack and Bolio's.

Chinatown Factory, found thirty years ago is a heaven for ice cream lovers. They are always trying and offering wonderful & exciting flavors. Most recently, they introduced Aprikot an Indonesian dessert drink made of avocado and chocolate, the Kiwi with Strawberry Swirl, the addictive Winter Melon sorbet, Asian Pear Sake Sorbet, Wasabi, Mango Cheese Cake, Lychee, Mango, Green Tea, Red Bean (Azuki ), Ginger, and Almond Cookie. Here the people thought of the all New York City and introduced ice creams specifically for the diabetics such as Black Sesame, Mango Ginger, Pistachio, Coffee, and Chocolate Chip. All of these are mouth-watering s that you should not miss tasting if you get to be in New York City!

Serendipity is one name that needs no introduction in New York City. It is the best place for any human wanting to taste pure exotic. Serendipity is so popular because it knows adheres to simple facts – cook good; serve good and provide a fantastic environment. The place is favorite most amongst the celebrities. Some of the most fantastic taste provided at Serendipity includes Outrageous Banana Split, crepe, Forbidden Broadway sundae and Coward's Portion.

Ronnybrook Farm Dairy sells healthy and fresh organic milk, yogurt, cheese and butter. An Italian best ice cream parlor of New York City is Uncle Louie G's. the best serving of Ronnybrook include some names as Cantaloupe Balls, Coney Island Cotton Candy, Bubbly Bubble Gum, a dreamy Brooklyn Cheesecake, a fierce Soprano Spumoni and a Rocky Road Rage.


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