Nuts' Health Benefits - A Healthier Heart and Weight Loss

Nuts' Health Benefits – A Healthier Heart and Weight Loss

In recent years there has been growing evidence that adding nuts to your diet will give you a healthy heart. It is also known that substituting foods that have saturated fats with ones that have unsaturated fats is better for your overall health. Nuts contain these unsaturated fatty acids that the body requires to function properly. Nuts are an easy snack to take with you and they are a cheap alternative to sugary snacks that give your body no nutrition and cause you to gain weight.

If you have been diagnosed with heart disease or are looking to avoid this condition or other problems related to high cholesterol then substituting unhealthy foods with nuts will be a good alternative for you. There have been many studies that have suggested that eating nuts can benefit your overall health.

Many nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids. The plant based on this fatty acid found in nuts is probably the best that you can find. This fatty acid may play a big part in the reason that eating nuts has been shown to increase heart health.

Nuts contain Vitamin E as well as minerals that may help to reduce blood clots that could lead to heart attack or stroke. By helping to lower blood pressure and improving the elasticity and health of arteries you are also protected from heart disease.

The fiber found in nuts helps to control hunger in between meals and can also help in the health of your gastrointestinal system. Many studies have shown that increasing fiber in your diet can 'facilitate weight loss'. The fiber contained in nuts also increases the burning of calories needed to digest them.

Nuts make a great snack for persons that are on the go and need an energy boost during the day. By making your own snacks of different types of nuts you can save money by staying away from snack machines and eat healthy as well. There are many kinds of nuts to experiment with, some you will like more than others. Each nut has it's own benefits so try them all and start eating a healthy diet.


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