The 3 Best High Protein Nuts For Addition to Your Diet

The 3 Best High Protein Nuts For Addition to Your Diet

These days we see people going nuts on the issue of their weight gain. Changing diet like socks is in and regular update from various health websites is like a religious activity that can not be missed. There are a few who have chosen the dietary path of including high protein foods while giving a miss to the ones that are high on calories. High protein low fat diet is what health experts put their stamp on. So why do you think people are still unhappy with their diet or weight loss regimen? It is very simple – they do not take the right protein in the right quantity! One has to learn which foods contain high protein and which are of no use to their new diet.

Vegetarians are the worst sufferers of the high protein diet because their friends tell them to dig in their teeth into their much hated meats. Is there no way how vegetarians can include the right quantity of protein into their diet? Well, protein is available from many foods and not necessarily meat! Meats definitely contain a high amount of protein than their vegetarian counterparts but are not the only source. You can try out different types of vegetables, nuts and seeds to complement the protein needs of your body. It is really easy to get hold of a good list of high protein nuts, fruits and vegetables that would suffice all our dietary protein needs. Let us analyze and find out how nuts fare in the high-protein contest!

There are many high protein nuts but at the same time are a warehouse of calories and fats. The protein derived from nuts can be combined with what one gets from the nuts and can easily make up for the protein needs of the body. High quality protein is also a great need and you would have to find the nuts that have good quality protein content. Here is a list of some of the nuts that can be easily included in your diet to augment the vegetarian protein diet.

Roasted peanuts: This particular nut can be the right one to act as a vital protein supplement and an ounce of roasted peanuts containing 7.95 gm of protein.

Pistachios: If you include pistachio nuts in your diet then you would be able to provide your body with a total protein supply of 6.05 grams with every ounce.

Almonds: These are also treated as a good source of protein and the reason why they are so good is because they contain a total 6.02 gm of protein per ounce.

The above are the top three nuts that have a high protein count with a low calorie count. Pine nuts, Hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew, and chestnuts are also very good sources of protein and would really give the necessary boost to your high protein diet but these are also high in fat. Try to avoid the nuts that contain very high amount of fat as they can defeat the very purpose of going opting for a higher protein diet.


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