Using Those Nuts - Peanuts As a Really Cool Cleansing Material

Using Those Nuts – Peanuts As a Really Cool Cleansing Material

Peanuts are some of the favorite snacks that people enjoy. From bus rides to sports events, people just can not get enough of peanuts. But is that all peanuts can be good for? Not exactly. Peanuts can be used for a variety of things that some people would have absolutely surprised about. The peanut is one of the most versatile snacks not only in the sense that they can be ateen almost anywhere and in any situation but they can also be almost anything.

So what can you do to peanuts? Here are a few ideas:

– Peanut soap: Because peanuts are made mostly of monosaturated fat, it's one of the prime ingredients in soap because soap is mostly made up of fat anyway. Because it's thick and sticky, soap fat is responsible for displacing dirt and germs in our bodies. Making peanut soap is pretty easy: just mix oil, water, coconut oil and lye.

– Peanut Laxative: It may not be the most potent laxative in the world, but for sure peanut laxatives are some of the tastiest of their kind you'll find anywhere. You do not need to mix anything or have a complicated recipe to use peanuts as laxatives. Just eat a bag when you want to take a dump. Easy? Yeah. Delicious? Definitely.

– Peanut shampoo: If you still feel the need to be a chemist, you can certainly try creating your own peanut shampoo. Just mix peanut oil and castilla soap in a blender and add some sweet scents to make it easy on the nose. I bet you even Mcgyver would be proud!


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