Why Fruit and Nut Dark Chocolate Are Healthy

Why Fruit and Nut Dark Chocolate Are Healthy

Chocolate is the world's first choice for a vice. People the world over savour its delights with a slightly guilty conscience, but what if there was a way to eat chocolate as a healthy food, rather than a naughty treat?

Well, there is. It is well documented that chocolate has many vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants as part of its ingredients, so what makes it so bad for us? The fact is that when we take chocolate, put it with loads of milk solids, sugar and extra cocoa butter, then it becomes the (tasty) fattening unhealthy treat we know and love. But dark chocolate, especially low-sugar bitter chocolate has none of these effects, yet there is still one more point to consider before chocolate actually becomes healthy.

The strange thing about chocolate on its own is that the body will not recognize it as food, and so eating it on its own means that you are just accumulating the sugars etc. without absorbing any of the vitamins and minerals. However if you eat chocolate with food, such as nuts or fruit then the body takes the whole package as food and will get the benefits out of the chocolate as well.

Because dark chocolate is high in iron so the best things to eat it with are vitamin C rich foods, like blueberries for instance. This will give the perfect nutrient companion to make sure that all the iron is absorbed from the chocolate – and it really is a sublime combination, rather like the yummiest multi-vitamin you can ever have.

I know for a fact that when I was a chocolatier and regularly ate dark chocolate with blueberries, strawberries, grapes, dried fruit and nuts my vitamin and mineral results through a blood test have never been better, before or since – and I was not putting on weight at all.

So if you are a chocoholic, and just can not face the world without it, then you now know you do not have to. Instead of reaching for the fatty, sugar-filled low-grade milk chocolates bars, go for some nice fruit and nut dark chocolate and eat it without a guilty conscience – just remember, with chocolate as with all things – everything in moderation!


Source by Danielle Ali Shah

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