What Kind of Nuts Are Bad for Dogs?

What Kind of Nuts Are Bad for Dogs?

Accidents happen when there is a lack of information and most accidents involving our dogs are avoidable. Food-related accidents are not uncommon with dogs. Dogs are such energetic and curious animals; not to mention voracious eaters, at least some of them.

They can develop a taste for cookies, chewing gum, soda, and stuff that is just not meant for the canine tummy. Of the many things that can harm dogs is a certain type of nut – macadamia nut. As of now, this is the only established nut that can lead to symptoms of allergy and poisoning in dogs. The problem with nuts is that they are so ubiquitous. And very often we feed dogs food items mean for human consumption. The ingredients on the label may or may not specify the type of nut used.

There are just so many items to keep track of – cookies, peanut butter, toffees, spreads, breads, etc. The best thing to do as a matter of general principle would be to feed the animal only those items that nature has already decided for it.

The macadamia nut is also known as Australia Nut, after the country of its origin. It is worth remembering that not just the nut but also the tree bark is toxic for your pet dog. Unfortunately, there is no concrete evidence on what exactly causes the poisoning in pet dogs. But an ounce of nuts can cause paralysis in the hind legs for a 20 pound dog. The medical term for the condition that follows when a dog eats these nuts is macadamia nuts toxicosis. Consider for a moment the potential for disaster if Fido were to ingest a chocolate brownie with macadamia nuts in it. You know, chocolates are very harmful to pet dogs, do not you? The combination can quickly lead to kidney failure.

Symptoms include unsteady gait, depression, muscle tremors, vomiting, weakness, and high heart rate. The symptoms usually subside after 48 hours; however there is a possibility that the animal may go into shock. This can lead to a fatality.

You have to call the vet if you notice the above mentioned symptoms; also see if you can gauge the amount of macadamia nuts ingested. In fact, if you know that the animal has swallowed macadamia nuts; do not wait for the symptoms to appear go ahead and call the vet.

If you call the vet immediately, the doctor will try to induce vomiting; the dog may be administrated activated charcoal to minimize the absorption of the nut into the animal's system. The vet may put the animal on IV and treat it with medication if the situation so demands.

You can take heart from the fact that your pet dog will be able to return to normal once the symptoms come down.


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