How To Make Dried Orange Ornaments

How To Make Dried Orange Ornaments

Dried Orange Ornaments:

There's nothing like the smell of fresh cinnamon flowing through the air on a brisk Christmas morning. Dried fruit ornaments not only add a sweet scent to your home but also look lovely hanging on your Christmas tree glimmering in the Christmas lights. The process of drying the fruit is quite simple and with just one orange you can make several ornaments. These can also be great to use as air fresheners to hang in the bathroom or living room. After my first year of making these treated orange ornaments I liked them so much that now it's become sort of a yearly tradition with my family.

Start by getting a cutting board and knife and slice the oranges crosswise in about quarter inch slices then through out the ends. I usually only use one orange to which makes six to eight ornaments but you can use more. After you have sliced ​​all your oranges place them on a greased cookie sheet or you can lay them directly on the rack. First you need to dry out the orange slices by taking a paper towel and blotting out the juices on each orange slice. To add a delicious scent just gently rub some ground cinnamon into the slices. The cinnamon covered slices tend to not catch as much light so you might want to leave a couple of your orange slices plain. Place in the oven at 275 degrees for the first hour and then 225 degrees for another two hours. Bake until your orange slices are completely dry. Allow some time for the orange slices to cool and once cool you can decorate them with a little glitter to add some extra sparkle. To make a hanger poke a whole in you orange slice and tie some decorative ribbon through it. For an added accent use some of the ribbon to make a bow and glue on the top of your ornament.

I just love the smell and look these ornaments there so beautiful, very simple to make and also inexpensive. They are many uses for dried fruit ornaments you can use them to make decorative wreaths for your home or tie them to gifts with the name tags it will make your Christmas gifts extra special. You can also make some ornaments out of other fruits too like apples.

Items you need to get started:

Sharp knife
Cutting board
Cookie sheet


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