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Medication and Peanut Allergy – What is the Connection?

One of the most common and deadliest food allergies are the ones to peanuts and nuts. Many times allergies are misunderstood. People only focus on the symptoms, such as sever swelling, difficulties breathing and heart failure. However it's important to not confuse these symptoms for asthma. Since asthma has many of the same symptoms, many times this is the case. The real danger is when asthma medication is used to treat a peanut allergy.

What is Advair?

Advair is a medication that's used to treat asthma. This inhaled medicine is also called fluticasone. It's a long acting form of the steroid Serevent (salmeterol). In combination they work well in controlling asthma.

Why should Adviar not be used to treat peanut allergies?

It's important to understand that asthma and allergies have two very different root causes. Food allergies are when the body beats a type of food as and something dangerous, therefore attacking the substance. This is not the case with asthma.

It's also important to understand Adviar is designed to be used over time. It builds up in the system and prompts asthma attacks from happening. Peanut allergies on the other hand need to be right away. If left untreated food allergies can be deadly.


Both allergies and asthma need to be taken seriously. However it's important to know them apart. A doctor will be able to properly diagnose you. After receiving the proper allergy tests you'll know for sure the best possible treatment options to fit your situation.


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