The 'M' Resort Buffet (Called Studio B) Is 'The Best Buffet in Vegas' According to Many Locals

The 'M' Resort Buffet (Called Studio B) Is 'The Best Buffet in Vegas' According to Many Locals

This hotel and this all you can eat restaurant offer just about everything you would ever need on vacation; some say it caters to a more adult and mature crowd who come to town to enjoy not only gambling but also being pampered. Thus, this buffet and overall resort is for those who do not enjoy being surrounded by young loud crowds 'under the influence' all the time: it's classy, ​​it's 'mature', it really tries to allure you.

This place is only disadvantaged because of its location; being South of the Strip, it requires about 20 minutes to get here from any of the strip hotels by cab or, if you drive yourself, perhaps a little less. This hotel does offer shuttles to the Strip, but if you are staying centrally and just wish to visit this great hotel for its casino fun or its great buffet, it will be a hassle to get there, unless of course you are driving. If you are not driving you can get here by bus, but most people will understandably prefer to stay closer or go somewhere they can get to more easily. However, those who do go (including a large number of locals) do speak very well of this all you can eat restaurant.

First of all, because of the reasons explained above it is not your typically crowded 'all you can eat' restaurant where you have to line up for so long that, when you actually get to a table, you usually need a bed rather than food . Here you do not have to wait long at all and the atmosphere is, overall, a lot more relaxed. It is nicely decorated and many say it has an 'upscale' feel to it: very spacious, open and inviting through, with modern touches such as giant LCD screens with food-related shows.

Amongst the meals everyone loves here you will find its seafood options, which many say are the very best in Sin City (especially considering the affordable price compared to any good quality seafood feasts). Juicy, tender, delicious warm and cold crab legs (which you prefer you'll be guided) is often described as absolutely the best.

The atmosphere is described as top class, unlike in many other all-you-can-eat restaurants; its members of staff are, according to pretty much everyone who visits, particularly kindly and friendly as well as helpful and attentive.

The selection of the food here is very good and there seem to be many recommended dishes, such as prime rib, shrimp cocktail, very tasty French fries, cold Japanese tofu salad, a decent sushi station. Pretty much every visitor is thrilled by the dessert section of this restaurant, which is varied as well as good quality; Amongst the very favorites are the gelato and all the miniature desserts (such as crème brllées, pistachio crème mini cakes, tiramisu, chocolate cream puddings).

If you apply for their players club you will be offered a free all you can eat visit here, at least for now. You may wish to check this by phone before the journey to this place but, if it's still the case by the time you are in Sin City, it will be worth it.

All in all, this is actually considered one of the best all you can eat restaurants in this city and it is recommended by a large number of locals; not to be missed if you are already in the area or if it's easy for you to get to this area.


Source by E. Jules Gibsons

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