Chocolate Peanut Butter: Spread and Eat

Chocolate Peanut Butter: Spread and Eat

Let's accept the fact that peanut butter is definitely the pantry staple for almost all American households. Easy to store, great to eat, the nutty, creamy and buttery spread simply makes your day! Let's no more deny Jelly sandwiches with creamy nutty spread are simply classic! (To be honest, I have not been able to outgrow a delicious PB & J.) The nutty spread when taken in moderation is also nutritious for health. Sure, your chocolate peanut butter stands tall as the natural source of dietary fiber, Vitamin E, protein and vitamin B3 (niacin). Moreover, the healthy spread also contains unsaturated far, which to a great extent helps in improving the cholesterol level.

It was way back, possibly it was in my school days I was put on a diet plan. Of course there were many 'good bad and ugly' things about the diet plan. One thing which I loved the most about that was the fact that I was allowed to eat my favorite chocolate peanut spread. To be honest, I do not really distinctly remember what I used to eat or the types of stretching I used to do in those days. However, the only thing which I still clearly remember is that, it was then I became hooked to the creamy and nutty, chocolaty and delicious spread.

In fact, all I can remember are the cold and drab long wintry days and me sitting in the basement with the jar of peanut butter. All I can still remember are the long vacation weeks and me sitting with the favorite jar on my lap. Standing at this point of life, when I look back, it seems that it was perhaps my own way of taking refuge to my comfort food (may be).

Possibly it was then I invented new and innovative ways of savoring chocolate peanut butter. Sure, my favorites were PB & J sandwiches, Pretzel and crunchy celery sticks covered with creamy PB, it was then I discovered a true fact that the possibilities of savoring the tasty spread are almost endless.

Here are few of my tested chocolate peanut butter recipes

Making your oatmeal tastier: Eating same old and plain oatmeal can be boring. Here is a tip from a PB expert, after cooking your oatmeal, add a good amount of nutty and chocolaty spread to make your breakfast tastier and more balanced.

Chocolate chocolate everywhere: Yes, chocolate peanut spread with a milk chocolate is such a mouthwatering combination. Do you want to be more creative? Okay here is a cool tip, stir one spoon of peanut butter into a mug of hot chocolate and keep on stirring till the butter melts completely.

How about a piece of banana bread? Try it and you will simply love it!

Vanilla wafers with chocolate peanut butter: A tasty snack which kids simply enjoy. It usually consist of vanilla wafers topped with chocolate peanut butter. Yummy indeed!

Fruity delight: If you really want to be healthy, it's time to add apples to your chocolate nutty spread. Honestly, this is a hearty snack to keep you healthy and full.


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