How to Jazz Up Your Home Made Ice Cream

How to Jazz Up Your Home Made Ice Cream

Hopefully you've discovered the wonder that is home made ice cream. These days, technology has made making your own so easy and the results are really spectacular. Once you've started producing your own batches the taste of store bought dessert is so bland and lacking. Be careful though it can quickly become an addiction!

If you've mastered basic vanilla and maybe chocolate then it might be time to experiment with some unique flavors. Do not forget the other common ones like strawberry or pistachio. While the classics are often the best you may fall in love with a creation that comes from nowhere. If you think it might work, it probably will.

The key is to know your ingredients. Common additives to plain ice cream are fruits, nuts and syrups. To get some ideas flick through your recipe books. What combines well together? For example most apple pie recipes match cinnamon with the apples. That also makes a fantastic ice cream!

This is a great way to find out what will work well together. Usually the base will be sweet enough so the natural sugars of your advanced mixes will only add to the taste. You can pretty much throw anything that would normally go well in any other type of desert and be confident of success.

Some more ideas – chocolate and mint are natural buddies, orange and poppy seed or rum and raisin are really good. Rocky Road makes a really interesting choice because of all the competing ingredients. You are really only limited by your imagination.

Do not be afraid to try new things. Ice cream is very forgiving, while some attempts you make may not be mind-blowing, very rarely will your experiment be awful. At worst generally they are OK. However when you get it right the results are sensational.


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