International Cuisine, Foods for a Fiend

International Cuisine, Foods for a Fiend

Foods for a ferocious fiend

International cuisine

Is always delightful

As I go about to travel

This remarkable planet

Meeting people everywhere

Eating stuff without care

Sampling this and that

Somethings I do not forget

Chinese litchi fruit

Hawaiian pineapple

Fiji water, Fuji apples

Juicy watermelon

On a hot summer day

Beneath a shade tree

Georgia roasted pecans

Peaches and sweet cream

Vanilla yogurt with fresh fruit

Quaker's granola por desayuno

Almonds, walnuts, and pistachio

Oranges and bitter grapefruit

Lemons, quavas, and passion fruit

Tangerines, dates, and berries

Bananas, grapes, and kiwi

Exotic fruits you never see

Names I can not remember

That remain on the tip

Of my salivating tongue

Especially the African one

Yellow with black seeds

Venison is also good for me

A Kensington steak will I take

To sink my canine teeth into

Crab cakes and lobster bisque

Makes you want to seize and frisk

The chef for his special recipe.

Shark fin soup in Hong Kong

For the surfer never a risk

California fish tacos

Indonesian king prawn

Succulent Boston lobster

Thai food, not typhoid

Tom kha gai with shrimp

Shrimp w / cocktail sauce

Add extra horseradish

Corn beef and cage

Tenderized Swiss steak

Swedish meat balls

A Reuben on rye

Florida's key lime pie

Mango and sticky rice

Delicious and nice

Coconut gelato

Perfect on the go

Or if you please

Coconut shrimp

At Bahama Breeze

East Indian chutney

Spicy dishes for me

Steamed red snapper

Bring the Beijing duck

With plum sauce

A virgin pina colada

Sushi and sashimi

With ginger and wasabi

Japanese seaweed soup

Marinated filet mignon

Chicken fettucini alfredo

Everything Jewish bagels

With smoked salmon

When I've got to go.

The Tour of Italy

At Olive Garden

Afterward marzipan

With some sorbet

Or rum raisin ice-cream

A home cooked meal

I will never demean

Nana's lasagna

I never forget

Mom's magic cookie bars

Then there's all the goodies

Found at cookoffs and bazaars

Watch your hands and arms!

Here come some more charms.

I often eat like a hooligan

Just released from prison.

Chipotle healthy Mexican

But when in Kuala Lumpur

The airport Chili's will do

Over $ 20 for a meal too!

Seviche with lots of lemon

Creme brulee from heaven

Smoothies light and healthy

Invigorate me with energy!

Peanut butter and celery

Greek salads from Athens

Lamb skewered with mint jelly

Or lots of yummy tazaki sauce

You know with tons of garlic

Russian borsh to warm me

Through a cold winter night

A ready rotisserie chicken

A bird cooked just right

Bring on the baked beans

Send some sweet potatoes

With tantalizing marshmallows

Coleslaw for some greens.

For breakfast a veg omelette

Or if I am feeling decadent

Fill me with eggs benedict

French pastries and baklava

To cut the grease tabouli

Fresh from the Mediterranean

For lunch simmer me something

Scrumptious in the crock pot

A stew, some foul, or hot chili

For a snack after a snooze

Give me some couscous

Some Venezuelan arepas

Nachos for celebratory fiestas.

These culinary indulgences

Are some of my wishes

Depending on my mood

I enjoy a variety of dishes

Spinach and turnip greens

Pork tenderloin sumptuously

Black-eyed peas so very lucky

Cornbread to stick to my ribs

This is Southern soul food

So much more to eat too!

Perhaps I will discover

Something nearby you.


Source by Paul Davis

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