7 Erogenous Zones - Do You Know How to Make Your Woman Go Crazy?

7 Erogenous Zones – Do You Know How to Make Your Woman Go Crazy?

Are you ready to learn exactly how to drive your woman crazy when it comes to the bedroom? Do you want her to crave you on a regular basis? There are ways to use the 7 erogenous zones to make her go wild, but you cannot do this without knowing what they are. Here are the 7 erogenous zones.

1. The neck

A woman's neck is a great place to kiss her and make her go nuts. Most women have a spot either under their earlobes or on the back of their neck that is their spot. It will make them so hot and bothered when you kiss there that they want to attack you.

2. The collar bone

This one is one that most men miss and many women will go nuts over. Somewhere on their collar bone you will kiss and make them go crazy.

3. The Earlobes

Yes, this one is pretty obvious because the only women that do not like to have their earlobes sucked on are those that go so nuts over it that they just cannot handle it.

4. The breasts

This one is obvious, but take your time and avoid touching the nipple for a while and tease her. Then, when you touch her nipples she will go crazy.

5. The stomach

When you kiss a woman around her belly button and around her stomach there are usually a few spots that drive them crazy.

6. The inner thigh

This one will make her go wild. Especially if you avoid the vagina while doing it and just tease her.

7. The vagina

This one is obvious as well, but you have to know that it cannot be the first place you go. This is something that you should wait for and work up to.

There are many other places to use to drive her nuts, but these are the most common 7 erogenous zones. Use this knowledge to make your woman want you more often and actually crave you in bed.


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