Easy Kids Recipes - Teaching Kids To Bake

Easy Kids Recipes – Teaching Kids To Bake

Is it important to use easy kids recipes to bake and cook with our kids? Yes, it is a time consuming and an often exhausting part of a home school curriculum but well worth the effort and time. After months of research I discovered how important baking with your kids really is. It really takes a lot of the stress off Mom, if you have some easy kid’s recipes available. Some of the reasons why we need to bake with our kids are… to build self reliance and to improve maths and reading skills.

Kids learn easily when they are using all of their senses, which is where easy kids recipes really pay off. How many lessons do you do where all of their senses are at work? One of the advantages of home schooling is being able to teach children in a way that is best for them.

Baking with children of different ages is beneficial in different ways;

o For 3 – 6 year olds, they’re improving their co-ordination. They’re pouring liquids, learning not to spill them. They’re aiming ingredients at the mixing bowl and getting them in. If you use an easy kids recipe they will be able to understand better what they are doing and how it fits in.

o Their sense of touch is being utilized, flour feels soft and sugar feels gritty.

o Their sense of smell is utilized. The smell of milk, cinnamon, sugar, lemon and cocoa are all so different and they can benefit from all of these by using simple kids recipes.

o Their sense of sound is being utilized, the sound of a wooden spoon on a ceramic bowl is totally different to a metal spoon on the same ceramic bowl.

o Their sense of taste of course is also being utilized, they taste both raw and cooked ingredients.

o The beginning of their maths skills, are being learnt… 3 teaspoons of sugar, if you cut a block

o of butter into 2 equal pieces, those are called halves.

o For 7 – 10 year olds, all their senses are also at work – sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

They have the added benefit of improving their maths and reading skills. They’re able to start reading the easy kids recipes and the labels on the ingredients. This is where the easy kids recipes are so important. The child needs to be able to read the recipe and not struggle over large adult words. They’re exercising and expanding their maths skills as they work out halves and quarters, measuring and weighing. Home school is taking place in the kitchen using simple recipes for kids.

Now the most important reason of all…. Building self reliance. Their confidence will increase as they won’t need anyone to make them baked goodies, they can do it themselves with their easy kids recipes.

This is really important because to survive we need to be able to make our own food. It is a basic survival instinct, to eat. Children inherently realize this, and obtain a feeling of self reliance when they know that they are able to meet their most basic needs independently.

So to sum it all up we’re baking together for the following reasons:

o to build self esteem and self reliance

o to awaken all their senses whilst learning

o to improve their maths skills

o to improve their reading skills

Not to be overlooked is the importance of enjoying each others’ company in an out of the ordinary yet comfortingly familiar environment. Taking our easy kids recipes we can turn plain old baking into a fun filled homeschool learning experience.


Source by Susan Mulder

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