From Allspice to Turmeric - 19 Spices to Wow Your Cooking

From Allspice to Turmeric – 19 Spices to Wow Your Cooking

Have you ever wondered what to do with allspice or bought lemongrass and thought what now. Wonder no more here are 19 spices and how they can be used in everyday cooking.

Allspice: soups stews, curries, cakes, fruit pies

Caraway: cheeses, sausage, cooked cabbage, soups, soda bread, granola

Cinnamon: desserts, cakes, puddings, mulled wine, bread, rice, granola

Coriander: curries, vegetables

Cumin: meat, vegetables, chili, relish, salad

Curry powder: soups, stews

Fennel: pork, fish, vegetables, bread, pickles, bouillabaisse, potato

salad, cakes, Italian sausage, spaghetti sauce

5 Spice Powder: roast meat, poultry, marinades

Ginger: meat, fish, vegetables, cookies, cakes

Lemongrass: soups, stews, fish, meat

Mustard seed: Indian dishes

Nutmeg: meat, vegetables, egg, cheese, sauces, cakes, fruit, pancakes

Paprika: goulash, poultry, fish, vegetables

Peppercorns: marinades, stocks, stews, broth

Saffron: soups, sauces, fish, rice, cakes, breads

Star Anise: poultry, pork, fish, beef soup

Sumac: fish, chicken, salads, kebabs, lentils

Tamarind: soup, curries, fish, poultry, desserts

Turmeric: vegetables, beans, lentils

When you look at a list like this it seems daunting to buy all these spices and stock your pantry in one day. The best way to handle this is to watch for sales. Spices like allspice and cinnamon will go on sale around holidays. While spices like lemongrass and saffron will be during slow times of the year.


Source by Shauna Hanus

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