What Habits Make You Crazy Nuts?

What Habits Make You Crazy Nuts?

Have I told you I love bacon? Oh, and let's not forget those crunchy, salty chips and snacks.

The salty flavors and crunch simply make me moan with delight. Mmmm! Munch, munch, munch.

And, in quick order the bowl or plate is empty.

But, did I truly enjoy them? Savor them? Was every morsel allowed to rest on my tongue to taste the flavors? Did I even smell them, as they passed my nose to be eaten?

What about all that orange stuff left behind on my fingers, clothes and lips? That being the only hint of the Cheetos I so desperately wanted only moments ago!

Was this truly healthy for me? I think not, yet eat them I did.

What habits drive you nuts YET you don't give them up?

Over the years I have eaten plenty that was not good for me. Stuffed myself to the gills at a holiday meal. Slurped down diet drinks with abandon. Filled up my plate with seconds even when I was no longer hungry.

I gave little thought as to whether my body even knew what to do with it all?

But, I did wonder why did I get those incessant daily migraines? What caused my face to break out in big, red zits? Where did all those excess pounds come from, no matter what I did to diet them away?

Why did my body rebel and turn on me?

I wanted to know.

I took classes on healthy eating. I read books to learn more. I sought out medical help for my headaches and pain wrenching gut aches.

I dieted – followed the gurus who taught healthy eating. I ate so many carrots and celery sticks that my skin turned orange.

I gave up foods that were on the "bad" list. Lost weight and gained it all back, along with a few extra pounds each time.

What was I doing wrong, I wondered? Why was I so unhealthy, feeling so crummy, with little to no energy to enjoy life?

Something deep within my inner knower knew exactly what I was doing wrong. That quiet, guiding voice told me many times and yet, ignore it I did.

To my own detriment.

What was it going to take for me to let go of those habits that did not serve me? How bad did it have to get before I called out, "UNCLE!"

Have you ever wondered why you continue a bad habit, behavior, or pattern that is detrimental to you?

We all do it. Might as well admit it, right?

What excuses do you use that keep you stuck with those old, nasty behaviors? Because you do have them … excuses I mean.

They are the very reason the unhealthy patterns, behaviors and habits stick around!

So, let's not kid ourselves because you have opened that door to the unfriendly – you did invite it in.

Whether that is unhealthy spending, debting, collecting, cluttering, eating, or binging on that great new TV show – You did invite it in.

As if you hung a great big WELCOME sign on your front door.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Everyone does it, so what's the big deal?
Life's too short, I don't wish to suffer.
I'll deal with it tomorrow (does tomorrow ever come?)
I'm too busy. I don't have time to focus on this right now.
Who says this is bad for me?
It's not hurting anyone, so what's the biggie?
I have other differences in life. This one will have to wait.
Which one is yours? Could it be time to finally give it up – to finally say UNCLE?

Pick one and say "bye-bye" to it – it has served you in some way. Until now, that is.

Don't wait for a HUGE brick upside the head before you do.

I speak from experience – don't wait until you have a major health crisis to let the excuses, and the bad habit, go. Close the door to that unfriendly behavior and enjoy the freedom of an open, healthy body and environment.


Source by Joan Silva

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