The Best Nut to Eat

The Mystery of "The Peanut Butter Caper"

A great mystery children's book to read. In it the imaginations soar as Helen VanEck Holub brings this book to life. In the "Peanut Butter Caper", we see how Helen VanEck Holub brings a true life adventure to life to leave as a legacy for her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. In this beautiful children's story we see up-close and personal what real animals look like.

In this story we see how Mrs. Robinson leaves a pale of peanut butter on her front porch to see what would happen. Or was this really the motive Mrs. Robinson had in mind? The aroma first caught the nose of Sam Squirrel as he searched for his acorns. But he found out that was not the right nut smell he was sensing.

On his journey to find the source of this smell he knew he had to be on the look out for Scotty and Mike as they played in the yard. The two boys loved to chase the animals into hiding. Then there was Pete Possum and Ricky Raccoon who Sam did want to meet up with either, would Sam allow his curiosity to get the best of him? Was there someone else lurking behind the scenes to get to that aroma too?

Helen pulls her audience into the story with the graphics we see upon each pages. The graphics can stand alone as the children follow the story page by page. You will will wet your lips as the little characters finally find the pail of peanut butter left on the porch. As they ate from the pail they began to see flash after flash, it did look like rain, so where was the flashes coming from? Was it just their imagination? They did hear any thunder, so what could it be?

This story certainly captures the imagination and it is a journey every child needs to embark upon. Helen VanEck Holub has left a legacy for her children and children all around the world. Let's follow her on this journey to see what happened to the peanut butter.

In this book you will also find beautiful graphic art designs by Helen McManus and the Interior and Exterior Formatting by Daveda Gruber.

I certainly enjoyed this book and my group of preschool children sat and listened with anticipation as I turned the pages of this colorful book. It is a must to have and share with your children and future grandchildren.


Source by Mary Harring-Duhart

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