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Spread On Who Invented Peanut Butter

As peanuts originated from South America, the Incas were most likely to be the ones who invented peanut butter. Albeit taste and form may not have resembled what is familiar to the modern palate, it went without saying that this civilization thought up ways to convert this legume into the first nut butter. Early explorers brought the crop to the African continent which then made its way northward into Spain. As conquistadors arrived at the shores of the New World, it was safe to say the humble peanut had made its presence known to the entire world.

Due to his reputation for discovering three hundred ways to use this legume, George Washington Carver was formally attributed as the one who invented peanut butter. To date, the jury is still out on this matter as some felt there were others who accomplished the deed before his research in 1915. Since there were no records to specifically state who had a hand in the invention of this nutty slurry, word has it That Rose Davis from New York made up a batch in 1840 based on her son's observations during his trip to Cuba.

Since peanuts were mini protein packs, Dr John Harvey Kellogg served his nut butter to patients in the late 1890's. He later went on to become the father of breakfast cereals. At the same time, Dr Ambrose Straub discovered a method to increase his elderly patients' protein intake via this similar concoction. In time, jars of smooth and crunchy versions lined shelves and cabinets. To complement the salty and nutty taste, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich made its debut. Most, if not all, North American childhoods were incomplete without a memory of this sandwich in their school lunches.

Although it is unsure who invented peanut butter, banana and bacon as a combination, the Elvis sandwich has reached mouths worldwide. Agreed as a heart buster, it is certainly a worthy last meal.


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