Eating Nuts and Memory Improvement

Eating Nuts and Memory Improvement

There are various kinds of nuts that have been studied and have been found out to contribute to memory improvement. These nuts include almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts and walnuts. Other kinds like pecans and cashew nuts may also increase memory capacity although there have been no researches done to support this claim. However, people may include these various nuts as part of their food intake. These may also enhance their physical health which is essential in maintaining brain health and memory abilities.

Some of these nuts like almonds as well as hazelnuts have lots of vitamin E. This is essential in keeping the body healthy. It has also been proven that a sufficient amount of vitamin E can help in boosting the memory functions especially in recalling details from the files stored in the brain. Niacin is contained in peanuts and this is essential in improving the brain abilities especially in recalling. Studies also suggest that people may be able to lessen the occurrence of mental diseases especially those that affect older adults who are prone to developing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Diseases.

People may also eat walnuts as it can also be of help to those who would like to improve their capacity to remember important things and details in their lives. Walnuts have DHA contents, which is a kind of Omega3 fatty acid. This nutrient is needed by the brain to make it function better. Babies who are born from mothers who are not deficient with DHA have shown better cognitive abilities according to some researches. The infant's brain gets protected by this nutrient as well.

These are some of the positive effects of getting the right amount of vitamins and nutrients from the food that people eat. However, there are still lots of other kinds of foods aside from nuts that can help people in improving their memory abilities. Fresh fruits and vegetables as well as various types of proteins will also be helpful. However, people should always remember that their food intake whatever it is that they have included in their diet should be taken in the right amount or quantity as much as possible.

Too less intake of vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients that the body needs will lead to deficiencies. Too much of these will likewise cause the body not to function properly. When this happens, the work of the brain is affected as well. It is then essential for people to know how to strike a balance among the various food groups that they need to eat. Nuts are good for the body and for the brain but they should eat it in moderation or in the right quantity only.


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