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A Guide to Anti Aging Skin Care Products

If you've gotten to the age where your skin is starting to show a few signs of aging, you may be looking into finding skin care products that will help slow down these signs. Trying to research these items and determine what works and which product is right for you can be a very confusing task. They all guarantee results, many have what they consider to be "new technology" that makes their product different from all the rest.

Before you consider what type of anti aging skin care products that may work on your skin to give you the results you want, let's take a closer look at what you want to change. What is skin? Sure, it covers our faces and makes us look like who we are. It was designed just to give us someplace to put our makeup, though. The skin is actually an organ of our bodies. It breathes, produces cells, and sends pain signals through nerves when we injure it. One of the most important purposes our skin serves is to form a protective barrier between us and the outside world.

Think about how we contract illnesses. We have to inhale the germs through our respiratory system or through an injury that pierces our skin. Bacteria and viruses, small as they are, just can't penetrate our skin when it is intact. How then can we expect to put a topical product on the surface of our skin, and then to reap the benefits of it? It just doesn't make sense that rubbing a cream on the surface on your skin is going to stop what causes aging.

Two of the most significant types of anti aging skin care products on the market today are Restylane and Botox. Both of these treatments are available through a dermatologist as injections. Restylane is dermal filler and is recommended for things like crow's feet or the "parenthesis" we sometimes develop with age around our mouth and nose. Restylane has shown promising results with few side effects. Changes are subtle so that others may notice a difference but aren't sure what it is.

Botox, as most people have heard, comes from Botulinum, otherwise know as food poisoning. Injecting Botox into your face causes a temporary paralysis of the area, causing your skin to relax and allows wrinkles to disappear. Even though it may seem like an unlikely beauty product, it has been greatly successful. It does have more occurrences of side effects but these are usually related to redness and swelling.

Both Restylane and Botox are expensive, must be repeated, and are not a good option if you can't stand the thought of needles. However, if you want the benefit of these products without the needles, there are cosmetics that boast of having the same or similar ingredients and that produce the same results.

Let's think back to what we said about our skin being a barrier. If you put a product that had pure Botox in it, do you really think that would serve the same purpose as an injection? I don't. There is simply no reason to believe that applying a product topically to your skin will give even similar results as injecting it into the area.

If you aren't afraid of needles but just want to save a little money, then don't waste it on topical applications that promise to work the same. Even though these products may be a lot less expensive that the injections, they still cost a lot of money because of the ingredients.

The bottom line is, if you can afford and tolerate the needles, go with the injections. Otherwise, look for a product that does not contain these expensive ingredients and save your money.


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