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What is Gelato? High Margins, Great Taste, Low Fat and Perfect For Your Customers!

Gelato is the rage today, customers are asking about it, marketers are promoting it, but what is gelato and how can it make you more money?

Gelato is simply the Italian word for ice cream, but it is also usually more dense and often more flavorful than traditional American ice cream. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly gelato is nearly equivalent to traditional ice cream cost to produce but has a dramatically more gourmet consumer perception allowing you to make more profit per ounce than with other frozen deserts!

One of the other benefits of gelato is that it is far lower in fat than ice cream!

While gelato is not a "diet" product, this is a benefit that you can promote to your health conscious customers. Also, many gelato flavors are appealing to your health conscious and gourmet market, including flavors such as watermelon, lemon, blackberry, pistachio, even tiramisu. And of course your traditional ice cream favorites: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and coffee.

In the United States, ice cream needs a minimum of 10% butter fat but most ice creams have far more, with premium and super-premium ice creams containing up to 16% and 24% respectively.

In comparison, gelato has only between 4-8%!

Because gelato is so light, it is the perfect addition for any location from the neighborhood pizza parlor to a five-star restaurant. Plus, since it is so lighter and flavorful, gelato pairs well with your existing menu of wines, steaks, and pastas.

What do I need to Make Gelato?

To make gelato you will need a batch freezer such as the Stoelting VB-60, a gelato display cabinet, and serving tools including a dipping spade or scoop.


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