Hookah Steam stone
The healthiest alternative to hookah tobacco

Serita Hookah Steam Stones use flavor-injected porous rocks to produce a nicotine free, smoke free vapor that is smooth and surprisingly delicious, Unlike the normal hookah, the stones used in the steam hookah are not harmful, but instead smokers will be able to notice the soothing effect on their throats when steaming. “Till date no harmful side effects have been found after using Serita Hookah-Stones,” With steaming being a healthier alternative to the long addictive habit of smoking, recommending the stones to friends and family who are smokers is very important.


How its work

The SERITA Hookah Steam Stones minerals are 100% natural. Once prepared, the diameters of the mineral pores are below one SERITA Hookah Steam Stones is able to absorb liquids very efficiently. Open spaces between the steam-stones are created when putting them into the bowl loosely. Once heated, the temperature will rise until boiling point of the liquid is reached. The aromatic vapor is then produced, ready to breathe.

How to use

The usage is quite similar to using hookah tobacco. To use the steam stones, just:

  • shake the jar for about 10 seconds to cover the surface of the stones with as much fluid as possible
  • using hookah tongs, scoop enough of the stones to fill the hookah bowl to just below the rim
  • cover the hookah bowl with aluminium foil and poke many small holes in it
  • set up and use your hookah the same as you would with a normal bowl of tobacco

New packaging with superior quality

Available in 19 different flavors

 Two apples / Orange / Mint / Lemon / Peach / Grapes / Orange-cream / Orange-Mint / Lemon-Mint / Cherry / Cinnamon / Blue Mist / Chewing gum / Gummy Mint / Cappuccino / Blueberry / Wine / Watermelon / Grapefruit

For many smokers who often enjoy a Hookah puffing session but still worry about the health warnings associated with the common habit, a new nicotine-free Hookah has finally been invented. Serita Hookah-Stones, is made with flavored covered stones without the harmful tobacco normally present in the normal Hookah, giving Hookah lovers a healthy alternative to smoking. the new Hookah doesn’t give you a heavy feeling or headache but instead has a cooling effect despite the numbers of hours you smoke it. By using Serita Hookah-Stones with an electronic charcoal instead of real charcoal also no PAH, heavy metals or carbon monoxide occurs either.

Hookah tobacco contains a lot of tar, nicotine and 400 other toxic substances.

Why Serita Hookah Steam Stone?

  • Latest technology to improve hookah quality and reduce harms of tobaccos
  • Best alternative to hookah tobacco
  • No need for any additional means
  • No tobacco
  • No Tar
  • No artificial honey
  • In both types of nicotine free and nicotine plus
  • Standard edible essential oils instead of chemical essential oils
  • Water vapor instead of smoke
  • Evaporation instead of burning

You can download Serita Hookah Steam Stone catalog from here.

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100% tobacco-free, nicotine-free